AUTUMN Arriving in May.....

Hey, everyone, take a look at our new little princess, due to arrive in May......

Bonnie, Matt and the kids invited the family out to watch one of these new-fangled sonograms......3D....or maybe it's 4D.  I don't know, but the technology is amazing!!!

Just a couple of more months to go until Baby Autumn gets here and I can snuggle and love on her!  (Middle name is still up in the air.....Matt feels like he needs to get to pick that one since Bonnie selected Autumn.  But, if he's made a decision, he's keeping mum about it!)

Went shopping with Bonnie on Saturday for a few new clothes to get her through the rest of the pregnancy and a special dress for her baby shower.  Then, we went by and finished her selections at Kids' Village.  Her crib full of goodies to shop from should be up this week.  Man, it sure is different with baby showers these days!!! 

Hope things are going well in your neck of the woods.  Enjoying very spring-like weather here and ready to get going on dressing the porch for the season.  Can't wait to get my hands in some potting soil!  Now, just to find the time......



  1. Congratulations to Bonnie and Matt! I can imagine how excited you are to greet your newest grand-daughter. Autumn is a beautiful name.

  2. Sweet sweet baby girl!!! I am so excited for all of you!


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