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First Day of Spring???

It's the first day of Spring and I'm sitting here in my snug little home office/guest room, listening to the whir of the lawn mower outside the window.  Eddie Dale is working out in the yard a bit today, raking up dead leaves and cleaning up out there.  I snuck away from the office for a bit....but, I have to be back in a couple of hours......

Not enough time to clean up the house, which looks like a hurricane hit!

Not enough time to bathe the dogs, who stink like the dickens!

Not enough time to "purge" my closet, which needs to be done so badly!

Not enough time to really accomplish much of anything, since I would probably just get started and then have to head back up to the office!

So, what to do????

Well, I sat down and browsed Pinterest a bit.  And caught up on a little blog reading.  But, the photos of pristine cottages and perfect place settings started making me feel a little bad about the state of things in my own home.....

I long for a little perfection around here!  Sorry, but I do.  I know that striving for perfection will only lead to disappointment and unnecessary street, but honestly, I need to shoot for a bit more than I have been in order to achieve a little better result.  Right?  Because the results right now, having let it go for a while, are abysmal....

I am using the last bit of my time to make a list.  Yes, my all-time favorite activity - list-making!!!  I need to at least have a road map of a plan.  Otherwise, I will forget what all I need to get done.  And, while I list, I will dream of the satisfaction I will feel when I start checking each of those projects off, one by one.....

One of the first things I am putting on the list - get my silk tulips out, in honor of the arrival of Spring!!!  Tulips are just about my favorite flower and these purple ones have held up nicely for several years.  Oh, and I am going to put getting some fresh tulips on my list.......

Happy First Day of Spring!!!


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