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First Look at Living Room Project.......

Such a busy summer we are having.....and, in the midst of it all, I finally stumbled across some new pieces of furniture that I loved enough to "pull the trigger"!!!

We bid a fond farewell to the gingham and floral sleeper sofa (inherited from my sweet momma) and the rust-toned 60's style sectional (purchased dirt cheap at a tag sale).  I cannot tell you how nice it felt to see them go out the front door!!!

Next to go - the black curtains and white mini-blinds....but, better already!

The room is still a work in progress, but Mom came over and helped us get it to a point where we can sit down and enjoy it a bit.....and not freak out every time we walk through there!

In addition to letting go of the two sofas, two other items went to a new home with my youngest, Sam, last night - an overstuffed chair & ottoman and the primitive wooden chest we were using as a coffee table before.  As you can see, we are trying out this low round table in front of the sofa.....and I like the way it opens up the area.  I still think something with a glass top might work even better.....but, for now, I am loving the way this looks!

Loving the round table with the pattern of the accent fabric in pillows and chair!
The hutch, minus the top piece, has found another life as a home for the tv.  At some point, we would like to wall-mount the flat screen and free up the surface of this piece for a cleaner look.  

I love the colors in the fabrics on the upholstered furniture - soft teal, green and a creamy gold and off white.  For now, I want to keep the walls the same color and live with it for a while.  However, the black panels on the windows MUST GO!  And, I still think a lighter bamboo woven shade would work well, with curtains in a color and/or pattern that compliments the new furniture.

Most of all I love that I have less "stuff" (read "clutter") on the walls and sitting around on every surface.  Everything is contained in the glass-fronted bookcases and all other decor has been filtered and pared down.  Everything that isn't being used is being sorted into plastic storage bins labeled either "garage sale" or "spare decor".  Items I like can always be recycled in somewhere at a later time.  Anything I am not crazy about, goes away at this point.

Removing and repurposing some of the items opened up the space tremendously!

And, some of those saved mountains of magazines in the baskets under the table are going to go bye-bye, too!

We are nowhere near being finished yet - there are piles of cast-off's and items piled all over the floor of Eddie's office......and the top of the hutch and larger pieces of artwork are leaning against the wall in the hallway.  But, we will get to it - even if it is a little bit at a time.  Already, it feels so much better!!!  And, I am totally inspired to keep going on through the house, room by room, to cleanse and purge, lighten up and declutter!!!

Stay tuned for updates as we make more progress......


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