Planning a Makeover in the Living Room.....

Like most of you, I have pieces in my home that I truly love.......

And, some?  Well, not so much.......

For months, I feel that I've been on the verge of making some major changes.....pinning pictures of painted furniture and color schemes to which I am drawn - some beachy, some cottage, some shabby chic.  Making lists, browsing websites, looking for ideas.....and, generally trying to "rediscover" my decorating style.  I've been all over the place on this!

While I still haven't pulled off any major changes, I have identified some things that really need to go!  Now, it's just a matter of shoving them out the door somehow and replacing them with things that I really like.  Simple enough to say, but kind of hard to do when it seems that I sometimes have a conflict about what I really like! 

Anyway, among the items that MUST STAY in the living room.....

The antique barrister bookcases - my mother had this piece in our home for years!  I've written about it before (READ ABOUT IT HERE) and it holds not only cherished items, but lots of sentimental value.

This beautiful piano which came into our home when I was a young child.  I spent lots of hours practicing on that instrument and still love it dearly.  You can read about this special piece IN THIS POST.

And this hutch I bought from my mother nearly 20 years ago....and that was after she owned it many years.  Here it sits, decked out for Christmas a few years ago.  This is a piece I have debated painting.....but, just can't bring myself to do it! 

As for the items that are going......

One slightly tattered gingham and floral print sleeper sofa, inherited from my mother, but never quite fitting in.......

And the rust colored retro sectional purchased at a tag sale three years ago.  It has a sort of versatility in that you can arrange it different ways, but it's not actually very comfortable with those high, straight arms and back.....and there's always this little "crack" right under my rear when I try to stretch out and watch TV with the dogs in my lap!

I'm still debating on the shade of Laura Ashley Gold 3 on the walls.....I think I still like it, actually.  And I think if introduce some other colors in here, it will still have the warmth and look I love.  As for the carpet, I am really thinking it is going to have to go and the hardwood floors beneath need to be spiffed up a bit.  (Honestly, with three dogs in the house, one of whom sheds profusely, the carpet is a losing battle....and I one I really don't care to wage anymore.....)  But, I really feel like the western decor and "stars" need to relocate to another room.....

I am leaning towards a simple solid color fabric upholstered sofa, with nice clean and simple lines, and perhaps bringing a touch of soft leather in via easy chairs and ottomans.  Pops of color in olive, cream and red and a mix of patterns in pillows and simple floor-length panels on the windows.  Oh, and some sort of woven or bamboo blinds at the windows, instead of mini-blinds.  

So, what are your thoughts?  Any suggestions for me???  Speak up and let me know!


  1. I agree, the bookcase and the piano are definite keepers as is the hutch and buffet. I do think the hutch and buffet would look great painted however and perhaps once you decide on your makeover colours you will choose to paint it.
    Looking forward to seeing your changes. BTW, Hunter Douglas makes a beautiful fabric window treatment (blind) that can be pulled up fully into it's casing or if pulled down completely can be tilted to diffuse the light or closed completely. We have them and love them. They are called Luminette Privacy Sheers and can be purchased either as horizontal or vertical. If you go to their website you will want to look at photo #41 of 50 in their Luminette Privacy Sheers gallery.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Paula! I will definitely check these out, as I am just ready for anything other than mini-blinds!!! We have rather shallow window casings, so the challenge is finding something that will mount inside. I know that Hunter Douglas makes some beautiful window treatments.


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