Monday, September 2, 2013

Loving Our New Woven Blinds......

Hey, ya'll!  Labor Day weekend is winding down.....hope yours has been great!!!

Mine was actually pretty busy.  Since Eddie Dale had to work all three days, I decided I would work, too - only I stuck around the house to do my work! 

I decided to go ahead and give the woven bamboo blinds I found at Home Depot a shot.  I've been eyeballing them online for weeks because the cost was only $16.97 each.  I simply hate the plastic 1-inch mini-blinds throughout our house - they are not cottage-y - at all!  

So, I ran out to the local store (their handy dandy website indicated they had thirteen 27"x72" shades in stock) and picked up enough to do the living room.  I really like the roman shade style and the way these filter the light, creating a nice soft ambiance in the room.  Although they are not completely private, they are fine in the living area.  Oh, and did I mention they are only $16.97 a window?!?!?  So reasonable, yet they give me the "look" I've been "Pinning" for months!

 They were super simple to hang!  Having used some of these inexpensive shades at our place in Pampa several years ago, I knew that I would need different hardware than what comes with them.  So, I picked up some teeny, tiny little cup hooks for an inside mount.  

It took about an hour, with dogs underfoot, to hang all five shades in the living room.  All I needed was the drill (pilot holes for the cup hooks), power screwdriver (for removing the mini-blind hardware), a pencil to mark where I wanted to hang, and a small step ladder.  And let's not forget, I needed scissors to open the packaging and a trash bag for clean-up as I worked. 

I am loving how this turned out!  In fact, I loved it so much that I went back yesterday and got enough to install in the kitchen......

 And the master bedroom.  Since we will have the need for a little more privacy sometimes in the bedroom, I am going to switch out the curtain panels for something a little heavier than what we currently have.  We can simply pull these closed when we want to shut out the light and the world. 

The most time consuming part of the entire process was CLEANING THE WINDOWS, inside and out!  We have a water well for outside watering and there was quite a bit of hazy build-up on the exterior windows from calcium and minerals in the water we run through the sprinklers. If you have this problem where you live, Eddie found a great way to clean up with the least amount of effort!  We used CLR, applied with a scrubber-style sponge.  After giving the windows a good scrubbing, I polished up with Windex and paper towels.  I did end up having to get a razor blade scraper and full-strength CLR in some really tough areas, but the extra effort was definitely worth it.  My windows are sparkling, inside and out!  

All in all, it was a pretty productive 3-day weekend!  

Hope you'll leave me a comment below and let me know how you spent your holiday weekend!!!

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Hugs to ya!


  1. Helloooooo!!! I have missed you! I have been so out of the loop! I started working for a photography forum online and just found my time eaten away! It is good to be back! I love the blinds! They look great! I read your post about your Scout. I am so sorry for your loss. I totally understand as our Murphy is 16 years old. We had a big scare with her this March and it still tears me up to know my time is limited with her, but I love each day I have her.

  2. great look for not too much money!!

  3. I bought bamboo shades for the cottage a few years ago and I love them. But I paid way more than you did. Good for you!

  4. It looks fantastic! I love the way they filter the light. And what a bargain! Great job!

  5. Thanks for the information. It's true that installation wise, it's faster to have local window blinds because theiy can just go to your house for installation for a matter of hours. The deigns though could be a little different from the known and famous blinds manufacturers.

  6. Cheap, beautiful, and it satisfies the look you've been meaning to achieve. What more can you ask for? No wonder you're in love with your new woven blinds. Window treatments control the light and heat that comes inside the house, provides enough privacy, and gives character to the room. It's good to hear that yours covers all of these.
    Rene @ Beltway Blinds

  7. Yes, those are lovely. Subtle and brisk. Should be good for the long haul. Good job for such a well-timed twist in the aesthetic and interior layout, which fine window treatments can bring to bear.

    Roxie @ Allure


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