Monday, September 9, 2013

Solitary Pumpkin Arrives on Janie's Porch!

It felt a bit cooler here only maybe lower 90's.....
Trust me, that feels like a "cold front" to us here!!!

Made a quick stop at HEB for a few things (essentials like coffee and toilet paper!) and what did my wandering eyes behold?????

That's right!  THEY'RE HERE!!!  Huge display right at the entrance....and one of 'em just popped itself right in my cart when they saw how excited I was.

Here it sits on the porch, with those mums,which I am watering every single day, sometimes twice.  Oh, it's looking just a wee bit lonely.....might have to run back and get another just to keep it company. I figure if I just pick one up each time I stop at the store, I should easily have at least a dozen pumpkins by mid-October.  (We really should invest in some HEB stock...)

All is feeling right with the world at the moment.....sigh......

No decor up inside yet.  But, this little bit is sure making me happy!

Be blessed!


  1. I'm so glad you have pumpkins there! I am trying my best to wait until the first official day of Fall before I buy any, we'll see how that goes. Post pictures when you get that little guy some friends!

    1. Have to make an HEB run today for a couple of things. Might just be able to get my little punkin' a new friend to hang out with on the porch! If you come across pumpkins, you ought to just go ahead and take the plunge - would look fabulous with the beautiful mums you scored last week!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Me, too, Karen!!! This is just about my favorite season for decorating - a little more low-key than Christmas and just as fun!

  3. I bought four little white ones yesterday, Jane. I've avoided doing the inside of the house while it was so hot, but it got cooler yesterday and I think I'll be getting my Fall stuff out this coming week to decorate.


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