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Warning - Detour Ahead!!!

December 2.....that is the date around which my world is revolving at the moment. 
After struggling with the nearly constant pain of osteoarthritis in my right hip for more than a year, the orthopedic surgeon has set a date for my hip replacement surgery.  December 2. 

November will be a whirlwind of activity as I prepare for recovery time in the month of December.  As of now, my deadline for preparing for Christmas - decorating and shopping - is December 1.  
Everything leading up to the holidays has been accelerated!  

I am a little overwhelmed, to say the least.  Although my surgeon is planning on using the anterior approach to the surgery, resulting in a faster and less restricted recovery, I am looking at being out of the loop for most of the month of December.  

With this in mind, I have begun making arrangements and preparing for the down time.  I already have a plan for scaled back Christmas decorating - and will be sharing our new holiday look as I put it into place over the next couple of weeks.  

Next, we will be making our shopping list and getting that all "wrapped up" prior to Thanksgiving.  I am so thankful that Eddie Dale will be helping with this part - he loves to shop for Christmas presents!  And I am already a big fan of getting the shopping done early to avoid the crazy crowds.  So, this won't be such a big change for us.  

As for work, the holidays are traditionally slow in the Real Estate business.  I am blessed that I work in an agency where we help each other out and work as a team.  So, I can pick up the phone and enlist the help of another agent when I can't handle something from home.  

All in all, December is pretty much the optimum time for me to go ahead and get this fixed.  While I don't particularly look forward to the procedure, recovery and rehab, I do look forward to "healing" and being done with the steadily increasing pain.  As my orthopedist stated at my last visit, "It is time."  

And, so, I move forward, albeit slowly, one foot in front of the other. 

I hope you will tag along with me as I travel this part of the journey.  I know that blogging will be a good creative outlet for me during this time.  And I can sure as heck use your encouragement as I navigate the detour ahead!  

Until next time, wishing you many blessings....



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    1. Thanks, Karen! Just looking forward to getting it behind me and thankful I will have so much help!

  2. Sending love and prayers to you! You will do it all and be awesome! My family has horrible joints and everyone has had knee, hip or shoulder replacements and every single one of them say they wish they had done it sooner! You will feel so much better! So glad you have the support system to make your recovery a bit easier! Keep us posted!

    1. I am hoping to feel that way when it's all over and done, girl! So thankful I will have lots of help - being so close to family is a real blessing at a time like this.

  3. Oh my! As I also have the same *condition* I worry about having to eventually have a hip replacement. Currently my physio and exercise regime is keeping things in check. I wish you all the best for a very successful surgery and a quick and full recovery.


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