Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Christmas Welcome on The Porch

Well, Friends, we have done just about all the Christmas decorating around here that we are going to do this year.  Whew!  I'm glad we have a few weeks to enjoy it now before it all has to come down and be packed away again....

Although we thought we were scaling back a bit, due to being in smaller quarters this year, we were surprised when we ended up emptying most of the boxes and bins of holiday decorations.  We were able to use just about everything we had out at our place in the country.....just in a different way. 

The icicle lights we used to put up along the edge of the roof ended up going into the garbage.  (Yep, they bit the dust and those things aren't worth salvaging when half of them don't work after 5 years.)  This year, Ed and the boys used some of those miles of small twinkle lights we already had to outline the eaves.  Then they used most of the rest of them to "wrap" the mesquite trees out front.  Here's how that turned out....

I love the sculptural look of the mesquites all lit up!

We were able to maintain the tradition of a simple evergreen wreath with a large red bow on each window along the front of the house.  And all the lighted deer, spiral trees and even the polar bear made the transition from country place to town cottage with ease.

Frosty still welcomes visitors to The Porch....

And the front door is draped with lighted garland wired up with traditional ornaments and red ribbons.  (Thank you, Lord, for shatterproof balls at the dollar store!)

The three little trees used to be scattered throughout the house, but they found a better home outside this year.  And I simply wired some more ornaments into one of the leftover window wreaths to match the garland around the door.  It hangs above my beloved rocker.

Here's a view from the side of the porch.....more twinkle lights and a glimpse of our tree in the living room through the window.

(Okay, the snowflakes in the planter box were Ed's idea.  I had other plans for that area, but they required removing all the mums from the planter and getting them transplanted in the ground...and I just ran out of steam before I got to it.  Hence, we went with Ed's idea!)

When the kids came over on Saturday evening, we made sure everything was all lit up when they arrived.  Trayden came running into the house, eyes shining, and exclaimed ~

"Mimi!  Your Christmas house is beautiful!!!" 

Ah....that made every bit of the work and effort put into decorating WORTH IT!!!

Next year, we are thinking about starting to make the transition to LED lights outside.  Have any of you tried them yet?  

I'm linking up with Robin for her "All Things Merry & Brite" party, week #5!!!  Her beautiful blog, "All Things Heart & Home" is one of my favorites....a true feast for the eyes and soul.  So, check it out!

Until next time, drop on by anytime....the door is open.



  1. I love it all! My favorite is the tree...I've never been particularly successful when wrapping trees! Last time my tree ended up looking a bit like a dinosaur when it was all lit up!
    You new home looks so inviting and festive.

  2. I LOVE it!! Everything looks so beautiful!! I adore your front porch! I see that a lot of bloggers are getting those shatter proof ornies at the Dollar store... I need to get me some of them!

    A Debbie-Dabble Christmas

  3. I agree with Trayden, your house is beautiful!

    P.S. We have been using LED's outside for a few years. Love them. Donated all the old lights to Goodwill.

  4. Beautiful!!! I love what you've done with the front of your house. You don't live that far away, how about you come do the same at my house ;-)

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