Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"It's About To Get Western....."

That's a line from a Gary P. Nunn song.  And one that Eddie and I often quote when we know the brown stuff is about to hit the fan!

Things are just really crazy around here!  Of course, it just wouldn't be right if things didn't get crazy right before the holidays.  Agreed?!?!? 

The good news is:  I have found a sponsoring Broker and am already involved in some training to start my real estate career!  I have gotten squared away with the Texas Real Estate Commission to take my licensing exam this Saturday morning.  So, between the studying/preparing for the exam and the training program, time has become a very precious commodity for me.

Of course, the first thing I've had to lay aside to focus on getting started with this new venture is blogging!  There just hasn't been time for posting...or visiting all of my favorite blogs out there and staying in touch. 

Hopefully, I will take my exam and pass this weekend!  That will certainly be a lightening of the load I feel upon my shoulders right now.  And, things will start to get back to "normal", or at least a new version of "normal". 

I still want to take you all on a tour of my mother's adorable little cottage and that is in the works.  And there are so many Christmas traditions and memories I want to share with you.  So, check back here after the weekend and we'll see where things stand!

In the meantime, I want to share these images with you from an outing with Bonnie and the kids to the Abilene State School's annual Christmas Lane.  Lots of fun and Christmas displays, indoors and out, and a visit with Santa!

Hoping all of you are finding Peace and Joy in this blessed time of year...


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  1. I am starting to get into the Christmas mood now.

    It is such a wonderful time with small children around.
    In our house we had started to lose the magic as the kids were hitting their teens, but this year the magic has returned as the youngest has turned 3 and understands what happens at Christmas.




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