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A Little Update from The Porch....

The last couple of weeks have been stressful, to say the least!  Where to start......

Remember when we had all that ice and snow and I was stuck at home with a bad case of "cabin fever" for a few days?  Well, on a couple of those really nasty days, Eddie had to make the treacherous drive in to work.  On his way to the truck one of those days, he fell on the ice in the parking lot and landed pretty hard, injuring his shoulder.

A week later, he still couldn't life his arm or rotate his shoulder.  So, he trekked off to the doctor, got an x-ray and was immediately sent to the imaging center for a MRI.  Within a week, we were sitting in an orthopedic surgeon's office hearing that he needed arthroscopic surgery to repair the rotator cuff and reattach tendons.

Surgery was last Thursday.  What was supposed to be a two-hour scope turned into 3-1/4 hours.  As his surgeon put it, his shoulder was "pretty boogered up!"

You see, Ed did a lot of bullriding over an 8-year period when he was younger, as evidenced by this photo.....

Don't we all just LOVE a Cowboy in Wranglers?!?!?!

During that time, he dislocated his shoulder on several occasions.  Consequently, he had quite a bit of "old" damage to his right shoulder.  He was relatively asymptomatic - until the fall on the ice.  When he fell this time, he injured the tendons and the rotator cuff - fixing everything turned out to be somewhat of a challenge.

After returning home late Thursday afternoon, my sweetheart spent most of the next three days in a drug-induced haze.  Thank heavens for modern medicine!  (And thank heavens we had the brilliant idea that he start practicing some "personal hygiene" procedures using his left hand before the surgery!  Sorry, but this is a practical reality....)

Here we are, one week out  and I only have good news to report.  He is starting to heal and he is adjusting to life as he will know it for the next six weeks - with his right arm immobilized.  He writes with his right hand (bummer!), but he does a lot of important things (like eat) with his left hand.  Hopefully, he will adapt easily and quickly.   He has already started physical therapy - just passive range of motion exercises done by his therapist - but, it's a start!

Between trying to play nurse, work, take care of things at the house, and get over an upper respiratory infection myself, I have been spread pretty thin the last few days.  Guess what was put on the back burner???  Janie's Porch, of course! 

But, with the weather warming up and Spring right around the corner, I'm longing to get out there on The Porch and start sprucing up for the season of rebirth.  Bear with me during this hectic time....soon we will sit on the steps and feel the sun on our faces as we squeeze in a little visit!  Until then, take a moment to leave me a note and tell me what you've been up to, Dear Friend.

Taking it a day at a time.....



  1. Oh my, what an awful couple of weeks you two have had. Eddie must have been in so much pain before the surgery. Happy to hear that it went well, even though it turned out to be more extensive than first thought. Hope you are both on the road to healthy recoveries. Take good care of each other and don't worry about the porch. It will be waiting when you are ready and have time.


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