Sunday, March 6, 2011

Progress on The Porch!!!

The front porch is looking a little better at the end of this busy day.  At least I am not ashamed to share a few photos showing the progress that was made this afternoon.

I was able to score some pansies at WalMart's nursery.  I know, I is almost "late" to be putting in pansies.  However, it is still too early to set out anything like petunias or geraniums - at least in my book!  For sure, we would have a freak snowstorm in March or April if I invested a lot of moolah in those fair weather plants.  One flat (6 six-packs, total cost $12.96) enabled me to fill the planter box and a couple of clay pots with plants.  Hopefully, these will last until the beginning of May or thereabouts and fill out with some brilliant purple and lavender. 

I couldn't locate the grapevine wreath I was going to repurpose.  So, I dragged out a decorative iron wall hanging and placed that where the wreath was supposed to go.  I like the way it turned out, so when I find that wreath, I am going to put it on the side door instead! 

I also rummaged around in a box of garage sale items in the garage and came up with an old metal bird cage and a little Easter rabbit figure.  These now sit on the little green table that doesn't have a home anywhere else in my house at the moment. 

Although it is simple and a little bare compared to how I usually "decorate" the porch, it seems appropriate for the start of Spring.  I figure I can fill in a bit as the season progresses and the weather warms.  At least it is a bit more welcoming than it was when we started the day.

Have you started sprucing up your outdoor area for Spring yet?  Do you have special decorations for Easter....or do you just go with a general Spring look?  Dying to hear.....

Until later.....



  1. Looks fab!

    Would so love a space like that to sit out when the nice weather gets here

  2. Look lovely.

    We are not even close to sprucing up our porch or yard. Our temperatures are still below zero. I am so waiting for the warm weather to come.

  3. Look how quickly you got that space all spruced up and "spring"ified! Looks beautiful! I do more of a spring look than just easter so I can use it longer. I do put out some of my St. Patrick's Day stuff as I love Ireland and everything Irish! I throw a few rabbits around for Easter and sparkly eggs. I try to do a little something for each holiday!

  4. Being that we had another 2" of snow this weekend....we're ready to break out the spring for sure! Your porch looks like it's on it's way Janie...LOVE the pansey pots - you'll be on your way to gorgeous color before we will - and we are jealous :) We thought we'd try to bring in some forsythia and put it in some water to bloom...and in a few weeks we will plant our grass in our easter baskets (that always makes us smile!!)

  5. You are making me dream of Spring. Thanks for the warm sunny thoughts.

    Cha Cha


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