Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch.....

What?!?!?  It's already January 8, 2013????  This past week simply flew by and left me swinging in the wind....

I thought I would link up with Patrice, over at Everyday Ruralty, for conversation on the porch.  Of course, it's miserably cold and drizzly here....so, I figure we can sit inside for a bit.  Just brewed a nice pot of Texas Pecan flavored coffee, so grab a cup and sit for a bit.

Here are today's topics.....

What's your favorite thing to have in hot cocoa/hot chocolate?  I love some marshmallows floating in my hot chocolate....yum!  But, I can drink it just straight, too.  Since the holidays, I've been keeping a little hot chocolate "bar" set up on the kitchen table.....and the kettle on the stove for quickly heating water.  Just feels right at this time of year.

Did you have a white Christmas?  Have you had snow since then?  Yes, we did have a nice dusting of snow on Christmas morning.  Not enough to build a snowman or make snow angels, mind you.....but, it made it feel very seasonal and festive to see the tiny snowflakes falling lazily from the sky!  We've had another dusting since, but no real accumulation.... just quick flurries where you might miss it if you blink!

Have you been looking over seed catalogs?  If this doesn't apply, what kind of catalogs do you like to leaf through?  Hmmmmm, no, I don't browse seed catalogs.  In fact, I don't browse any sort of catalogs anymore as I don't receive them in the mail.  Do you think it might be because I never ordered anything?!?!?  Mostly, I get ideas and check out new things via PINTEREST!!!!

Gas stove or electric?   Love, love, love a gas stove!  Seems like food just cooks more evenly and it's easier to control the heat.

What's new or interesting?   Wow!  Well, let's see......

**With the new year, I have renewed energy to keep working and growing my business.  There's always a natural lull in Real Estate right around the holidays.  So, it's been a challenge to come up with fresh ideas and energy to jump start the year.  But, I'm encouraged by little things on a daily basis, so I'm feeling a sense of accomplishment just to be "working it". 

**I went "junkin" with a friend last week and bought some items that I am going to be using in a project here at the house.  I keep trying to get to this project, but......well, you know how that goes.  So, I'm penciling  in some craft work in the planner and then bumping it daily when I don't get to it.  Hopefully, soon! 

**We're doing the happy dance over here at the news that we're going to have a new granddaughter!  Bonnie had another sonogram right before Christmas and it's confirmed.  Can't wait until May when we get to meet the new little princess!!!  And, I know this is not the prettiest photo.....but, it's beautiful to this Mimi!

 Be sure to drop by Patrice's porch and visit with some of the other bloggers!  You never know what to expect.....

Everyday Ruralty

Stay warm, my friends!


  1. Congratulations on the new grandbaby! Sounds like the snow came in on cue for your family. Good planning. :) I like the idea of a hot chocolate bar. I love to go junkin. Now that my art studio is usable, I can take on more projects. They will have to be small until I get some other things out of the studio. I am starting to work now to have a big craft and painting show before Christmas next year. I hope to set up in one of our barns. Have a great week!

  2. You are so lucky to have had snow on Christmas- even if it was just a dusting. And that sonogram picture of the newest addition is lovely! I notice how good looking your boys are---anyone available? Two of the lovelies aren't tied down. LOL Have a great rest of the week!

  3. stopping by from the chat congrats on another grandbaby !!! I have a Janie of my own she is 27 and the mama to my 9 month old grandson. wishing you a wonderful week :]

  4. Let us not forget we have another one due in July?

  5. I love the 3d sonograms. I have seen some done right before the babies are born and it could practically be a picture its so exact to what the baby looks like when born.


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