Friday, January 11, 2013

Finally Friday...and a New Do to Boot!

I'm doing the Happy Friday Dance over here.  How about you?!?!? 

Even though I am going to have to work this weekend, the family has big plans for belated Christmas dinner while my sister and her brood are in town for a couple of days.  And, Eddie Dale is off!  So, I'm thankful it's the weekend!!!

Further lifting my spirits, I was finally able to get in for a haircut this morning.  It's been three months since the last trim, as I was letting some layers grow....and grow....until I just couldn't stand it any more!  I'm FINALLY getting back to the length and style I had when I did the billboard shoot last spring.  I would look at that photo every time I added my signature card to an e-mail at work, every time I handed out a business card, and every time I drove by my billboard....and think to myself, "Geez, my hair looked pretty good that way!  Why the heck did I change it?!?!?" 

I guess that's just the nature of a never quite be pleased with her appearance! 

Anyhoo, I finally reached the point where I could go in for a cut very similar to what I had before.  And it feels wonderful to "match" my photo again! 

Isn't it amazing how something like a simple change in hairstyle can make you feel so differently? 

So, how about you?  Have any big and exciting plans for the weekend?  Or maybe you're just getting an opportunity to hibernate and enjoy a little down time? 

As for me, I'm about to undertake a quick housecleaning so that I'm not trying to squeeze that in tomorrow.  Oh, and wash some clothes so I don't have to resort to digging in the laundry basket for something to wear.  If I don't resurface in a few hours, send the posse!!!

Happy weekend wishes!


  1. Well what do you know?! I went and got my hair cut yesterday! And colored & highlighted. And even got the eyebrows waxed. {TMI}

    I left feeling great!

    Enjoyed a great day at church and teaching Sunday School to a bunch of four year olds this morning. Now just relaxing.

    Oh and I believe this is the first comment I've made even though I've been reading your blog for a few months now. I don't honestly remember when I first stumbled upon your porch. But I'm glad I did.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. That's a very good lucking cut!


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