Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Little R&R Never Hurt Anyone......

A week of vacation was exactly what I needed.....

With the hectic Summer pace of the real estate market, the days were getting way too long and time way too short.  A week in a 24-foot fifth wheel on the banks of the Guadalupe River, enjoying a fun time with family and friends, was just what the doctor ordered! 

The trip down was uneventful - we have this hooking up and hauling out down pretty good now!  We were all set up in "gypsy camp" at the family's place by mid-afternoon.  Of course, I burned up the phone all the way down, working.  But, that wound down pretty quickly once we arrived.  After all, I did record a message on my voicemail that I would be "out of the office" until June 17th.  I figure the world won't come to an end if I miss a few calls or someone has to wait a few days.....

The days were filled with breakfasts on the deck, dinners on the deck, activities scattered here and there.  But, there was some free time for us and we used it well.  When Eddie was off for this or that, I would crawl up on the bed and read and doze - in the middle of the day.  How decadent and delightful was that?!?!?

But, here are some of the highlights of the trip for me.......

We made the short drive over to Gruene on Sunday afternoon and enjoyed listening to live music for a while.

If you've never been to Gruene Hall, it's hard to explain what you're missing out on.  But, it is a large, old structure - no A/C - long rows of wooden tables and benches that have been carved and worn over the years.  You'll nearly pass out from the heat when you enter the ladies' room and everyone wears a glowing sheen of sweat in that place.  But, the music is fine and it's even more fun to watch people having a good time and circling the rough wooden dance floor!  It's an experience, to say the least....and one we eagerly anticipate every year!

On Monday evening, after the golf tournament, a large group of us enjoyed pizza on the deck and a movie al fresco.  Eddie had the brilliant idea of setting up our flat screen and dvd player under the awning on the trailer.  We gathered around in our chairs, enjoyed microwave popcorn straight from the bag and watched John Wayne's "The Alamo" on the small screen.  I think we might have just found ourselves a new tradition!

We ventured back over to Gruene on our last afternoon.  It wasn't quite as crowded as it was over the weekend and I was able to really admire some of the beautiful flowers and quaint cottages and shops as we strolled.   Everything seemed so lush and green in the humid heat.....


How about this creative use of an old bathtub?  I'm lovin' it!!!

Eddie did some fine posing for the camera......

We got someone to take a picture of us together......

 And we finally made it over to the best little cupcake shop in Texas - Gruene Flour Cupcakery!

By mid-afternoon, the innocent looking clouds overhead started churning and this storm chased us all the way back to the campsite!  

Oh, boy, did we get the rain!  I know they need it down there, but if you've never experienced wet, damp weather in an RV, then you don't understand how clammy everything starts to feel.  When Friday morning rolled around, still drizzly, we were ready to pack it up and head home right on schedule.  But, look at the awesome mist rising off the river that morning - just a beautiful, peaceful sight!

I am glad that we are home now.  A week in the trailer is about my limit.  It is comfortable and we are completely self-contained - bathroom, shower, kitchen, television.  But, there's nothing like coming home and sleeping in our own bed, with the pups snuggled in and snoring in their beds beside ours. 

We're spending the weekend recovering from the trip and catching up on laundry.  Monday will be a return to reality and there will be plenty of catching up to do with work.  But, I have to tell ya - that time off was definitely worth it! 

Do you plan a vacation in the Summer months?  What is your idea of the "perfect get-away"????


  1. Looks like yall had a great time! Love the pictures!

  2. A change is as good as a rest as they say. What a nice little getaway. You look wonderful!


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