Monday, August 26, 2013

Fall Is A-Coming!!!

First day back at school for the kiddos.....

A different slant to the afternoon sun.....

Even though it is still in the mid to upper 90's here, on pretty much a daily basis, there is just a feeling in the air.....

Fall is on the way!!!

Of course, my longing for Autumn is fueled by all the blog posts and projects and photos being pinned.....

But, it is my favorite time of year!  So, I'll be feasting on all the beautiful and inspiring autumnal images my eyes can this one!

From one of my Fall posts in 2010 - and still one of my favorite shots from my own front yard!

And, speaking of Fall, we did a little something over the weekend that we generally reserve for football Saturday afternoons.  We headed over to the supermarket and picked up lots of frozen snack foods - finger foods like mini eggrolls, jalapeno poppers, spicy hot wings.  Threw it in the oven and then planted our rears in front of the tv to eat.  No football, just reruns of Duck Dynasty and full tummies!  (Dare I say we were "happy, happy, happy"?!?!?)

We also drove out to check a friends' old farmstead, where Ed goes dove hunting every year.  On the way, we came across a late summer garden right by the two-lane county road.  It was looking pretty rough and grown up.  However, you can see a few big ol' punkins' peeking through the vines! 

Late Summer garden, near Noodle, TX

Not a pretty deep orange color yet, but very large!  Can't wait to be able to set a few pumpkins on the porch.....

What did you do over the weekend?  Have you gotten any of the Fall decor out yet???  C'mon, be honest.  I haven't yet......but, after September 1 (which is this weekend, by the way!!!), all bets are off!!!




  1. Yay! I always look forward to your Fall posts, so I was so excited to see this one! We are having a bit of a heat wave here, but once that subsides, decorations are coming out! No pumpkins here yet, but several of the trees are starting to change, and I'll be including that in a post soon!

    1. I know how you do love Fall, Amber! Hope y'all survived your heatwave earlier this week and look forward your Fall posts!!!

  2. I'm not ready at all to pull out the Fall decor. I'm trying to hold onto the last vestiges of summer and while the nights are certainly cooler, the days (when not raining) are still nice and warm. Fall will come and I will be ready, but not just yet. Love the photo of your pumpkin in your front yard.

    1. I would certainly love some of those cooler evenings, Paula! We were still sitting at 100 degrees this evening when the hubs got home from work. I think I could tolerate summer better if it didn't get so dang hot here!!! Some cool nights and warm days sound delightful.

  3. I'm ready for fall - but just in my mind. No décor out yet. The neighbors might kill me if I rushed it too much

    1. Heck, Kim, I think I've just quit caring what the neighbors think! LOL. However, with it still so hot here, I just haven't quite felt like getting out in the storage shed and digging around for my bins of Fall decor in the heat. Maybe in the next week or two....or when it cools off a bit!


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