Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Step by Step Seating.....

I have gotten lots of compliments on the way my reupholstered chairs turned out in the dining room.  It was a project that really needed to be done - for a pretty long time!  In fact, the last time I recovered these was nearly 10 years ago!  I don't know why I put it off for so long - it only took about half an hour to do all four chairs......

First, I simply popped the seat out on each screws.  The seats just fit in rather snugly.  Simple enough! 

They were covered in an animal print that had definitely seen some wear and tear.  They were pretty stained and soiled - but, hey!  It happens!!!

Hardest - and most time consuming part of this project - was pulling all the old staples out of the old fabric!  

To give the seating a little more cushion and pop, I added a bit of low loft batting.  I only cut it large enough to cover the top of the seat - remember, these fit in pretty tightly so I didn't want to add any volume on the sides of the frame.  

Then I cut a piece of the new fabric - just large enough to wrap around and staple onto the bottom of the seat.  In this case, about 3 inches of extra fabric around each side of the seat.  Pulled it semi-taut, and got busy with the Stanley stapler.  Voila!!! 

Here is a better shot of the table runner that I wanted to use.  I love the gingham against the floral!!! 

Now, why did I wait so long to do this oh-so-simple project?!?!?  Such a small change, but makes it all feel so different!  

By the way, this table used to belong to - you guessed it - my Mom.  I bought it from her probably at least 25 years ago when she found something newer.  It is an old draw-leaf table - the leaves are actually pulled out from each end of the table, adding about an additional 24 inches for larger dinners.  I guess I will have this table forever.....just couldn't ever bear to part with it!

Next time you are in my neck of the woods, stop by and we'll sit inside here for a glass of iced tea!!!


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  2. Janie - the transformation to these chairs is marvelous - such a wonderful, easy change! Love the new fabric and the table is fantastic! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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