Sunday, August 18, 2013

Saturday Shopping and Project.....Done!!!

I have been so inspired and motivated by getting finished with the living room, that I am moving on.....

Moving on to do a little more "refreshing" in other rooms of the cottage, that is!

Today, I went out to Kohl's, in order to use a 30% off coupon I received in the mail before it expired.  I think that place was the most packed I've ever seen it.....guess it is all the end of summer/back to school sales!  But, I strolled right past the clothing department......and scored big for the bathroom!

I'm so proud of my bargains - I've gotta toot my horn a little!  

Four bath towels....
Four hand towels.... 
Cotton bath mat....
Shower curtain....
 Set of full-size, super soft microfiber sheets for the guest bedroom.  
Total cost after sales and discount - $108.75, including tax.  

Not to mention, I got a $10 off coupon on my next purchase.  (Kinda like Kohl's cash, but a little different.)  At any rate, I have through the end of the month to redeem it, so their gimmick to get me back in the door will definitely work!  

I've been laundering up towels this evening; got the new shower curtain pressed and hung.  Can't wait til daylight (and I get the placed cleaned up) when I can get some photos to share.....

I also found time to cover the seats of the chairs at the dining table.  I've been meaning to do this for a long time.....and I found the fabric a couple of weeks ago, when I was actually out shopping for some living room items. As I prowled through the clearance bins at the fabric store, I found the "gingham" style fabric - soft, buttery gold and a green that was nearly a perfect match for the color on the walls in the kitchen and dining area.  At $9/yard and 60 inches wide, it only took about a yard to cover the seats of all four chairs.

Here's a little sneak peek at how they turned out.  I love how my favorite table runner still works with this new fabric......

 And, in between it all, I found time to show a house this afternoon!

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I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment as I get ready to crawl into bed tonight!  Can I accomplish as much tomorrow?  I guess we shall see.....

Feeling blessed......


  1. Oh wow, that is amazing! I love your reupholstered chairs, and that table!! I want that table :)

    1. I love that table!!! It is very old and worn, but I wouldn't trade it for anything! It just seems to get better with age. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. you have my dream look with that floral runner and checked chairs. love the look!

  3. cute cute cute cute cute!!!! lovin that bathroom look ~ that butterfly curtain is adorable & by the way your chairs are too! Isn't it funny how you mean to do a project and put it off and when you do you wonder why you waited so long?!!! Have a great week Jane!


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