Saturday, February 5, 2011

Resuming "Normal Life" (Whatever That Is...)

I used to think it would be rather cool to live somewhere way up in the mountains, isolated from the world during the months of Winter.  Sitting in front of a big roaring fire, entertaining myself by reading books and writing novels, having lengthy conversations about matters of the heart with my hubby (yes, I did include him in this fantasy).....

Well, now I know ~ I am not cut out for that.  No indeed, not at all!  That was just a silly, somewhat romantic, notion.  In reality, there would be firewood to chop, food scarcity and no local grocery down the street for emergency rations, no television and probably no internet.  (Well, with satellites and all, there might be television and internet, but I wouldn't count on it.)  The long stretches of being alone, even if you were with your significant other, could make for some pretty dark days, indeed.

Nope, I'm not cut out for the life of Mrs. Jeremiah Johnson.  And these last few days have proven that to me.

I'm chompin' at the bit to get out of the house today.  The sun is shining brightly and the drippy sounds of ice melting have stirred a song in my heart. 

Oh, heavenly sunshine!  And bare patches of grass!
 The ice and snow are receding and the pups have found the mud ~ lots of it! 

Plenty of mud....for tracking in!
My supply of coffee and non-fat vanilla creamer are dangerously low.  When my nail tech called and asked if I could come in this afternoon to make up my missed appointment from earlier in the week, I snapped the opportunity up like a drowning soul grabbing a lifeline in the middle of the ocean!  Imagine ~ conversation with another creature who doesn't speak in the language of "woof woof"!

Although the last few days have had a stark beauty all their own, I am ready to resume "Normal Life" and rejoin the world.  I guess I'm a more social creature than I thought!

Returning to "Normal", whatever that may be.....


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  1. Normal is good!
    Yes, it is a wonderful fantasy....I guess for a few hours it would be quite lovely!


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