Friday, February 4, 2011

Signs of Cabin Fever....

Day 4 of being snowed in!  And the fourth day of no school here in the Big Country.  Trust me, this is unprecedented! 

Meanwhile, I am seeing some signs of "cabin fever" setting in:
  • I am far too observant about my dogs' "potty patterns" when I take them out.  Jake, the Aussie, has taken to eating snow - I just hope he's being discriminant about the "yellow snow".  Pepper, the 2-year old Doxie, has gone to a "semi-squat" now, somehow managing to bow her legs out enough to tinkle without getting her "business" in the snow.  And, Scout, my 10-year old Doxie, has come to the conclusion that as long as her front paws are off the patio, then she's off the patio.  So, we have frozen puddles of puppy pee and poop along the edge of the patio.  
  •  The fact that the female anchor on my local newscast of choice is broadcasting from outside the station at noon, five, six and ten has become way too big a deal to me.  Even though I know what the forecast will be, I find myself tuning in for every newscast just to see if poor Lane is outside again!  I have watched more local news in the last four days than I have in the past year....and that's the honest truth!
  • I'm finding myself channel surfing indiscriminantly.  In fact, yesterday I even stopped on Bravo's "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and lost an hour of my life staring at shallow women who have misshapen, plastic faces.  I think every one of them should sue their plastic surgeons.....
  • I didn't put on makeup for the first three days. Nor did I wear the appropriate foundation garment for three days.  (Yeah, ladies, you know what I'm talking about!)  It felt good for the first couple of days.  But, by the end of Day 3, I was starting to feel sorta like a major slub.  So, after showering and blow-drying today, I added makeup back into my daily routine.  Kudos to me!  
  • I actually went beyond the back covered patio today and ventured all the way to mailbox at the end of the driveway!  This seemed like a real outing to me after being cooped up for so long.  In fact, I think I probably had just this adventure in mind when I put on makeup and shaved my legs in the shower!
So, what do you think?!?!?!?  Does this sound like a bona fide case of "cabin fever" to you?  Have you experienced something like this in the cold, dark days of Winter?

I hope that the thaw has begun now.  At least the sun is shining brightly today.  And, even though the temps are not officially above freezing, the sun is at least giving the illusion of warmth.  I know it has certainly lifted my spirits and I am thankful for this day!!!

Keep it warm and fuzzy, Friends!



  1. You are too funny! We had 75 degree weather the other day and now it is 45. Ughhh!! I have to say that the Real Housewives are my guilty pleasure and the sad part is, it makes me really appreciate what I have. These people have all the money in the world and they are seriously miserable and not nice at all. I am glad I am right where I am!

  2. Kathryn, 45 degrees sounds wonderful!!! I would have given anything to see 45 degrees on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Today is sunny and much warmer - the ice and snow is melting quickly. Yippee!!! You know, a part of me feels sorry for those housewives. They really do come across as miserable most of the time. I wouldn't trade places with any of them!

  3. Jane,
    Yes, sounds like cabin fever to me! Hope you can get out soon!


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