Thursday, February 3, 2011

Waiting for the Thaw....

Here is the view from my front porch today....

Our world is still frozen solid.  They are calling this "The February Freeze" on local newscasts.  All I can say is that is an understatement!

After enjoying a very mild weekend and pleasant day on Monday, an arctic air mass moved through that evening, starting with rain, thunder and lightening.  As the evening progressed, the rain turned to hail, then sleet, and finally snow.  The thunder and lightening continued well into the night and the temperatures plummeted.

I awoke around 6:00 am on Tuesday morning to the sound of tires spinning furtively on the icy street in front of our house.  A large pickup had fishtailed and ended up sideways in the street at the end of our drive.  After several minutes of working with a shovel, the driver was able to dig the truck out enough to get it straightened and go on his way.  A couple of hours later, the scene was replayed again with another large pickup. 

As I stayed inside with a hot cup of coffee and watched the local news for school and business closings, I was thankful that I can work from home!

Now, two days later, we are still in the same situation with the weather.  The temps have remained in single digits and roads have not improved at all.  It seems we are all trapped inside our homes, waiting for this unholy weather pattern to end.  School is canceled for the third day and even the local mall was closed yesterday.  You know it's bad when the weather trumps the almighty dollar! 

Those of you who live up North may think we're overreacting to the situation.  Ice and snow are more common occurrences where you live and everyone just deals with them.  But, this is paralyzing to us! 

As we face yet another day of staying in and trying to stay warm, cabin fever is starting to set in.  I will think of yet another way to thank God for the person who invented fleece.  I will actually put on makeup today and pretend that I am going to leave the house.  I will sweep the kitchen for the millionth time after the pups track in snow from their potty adventure out back.  I will finish my third book, and last, book from the library and try to avoid vegging out in front of the television.  (Will have to let you know how that turns out....)

Even though the winter landscape is beautiful in its crisp and stark way, I am longing for a warm Spring day.  This patch of Winter makes me dream of sunshine and tulips, blossoming pear trees and greening grass. 

Hurry up, Spring!  My heart beats in eager anticipation for you!

Anybody else caught in this deep freeze and ready for a change?!?!?

Staying inside....



  1. It is 52 here today and we are freezing!!! After all, it was 75 degrees yesterday! :-) I am not rubbing it in... I promise!!!

  2. It's cold here in Mississippi, too! In South MS as I type this they are having an ice storm! YUCK! We are supposed to have some wintry precip tonight. My husband is traveling through Texas today on I-20 from his trip to Arizona. Not sure what he will run into. I also follow, and have become good friends with another blogger from Abilene. Her husband coaches the Cooper Cougar football team. I don't know how large/small Abilene is, but thought you may know about those Cooper Cougars! They had an awesome season this year. Well, hope you thaw out of that deep freeze soon! I am definitely not a fan of winter, give me shorts, flip flops, and the hot summer sun any day!

  3. I have no doubt that you will find the balance you seek and need, Hon. love you


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