A Change in the Weather....

We have been having cooler temperatures here since Sunday.  The mornings dawn crisp and clear, downright chilly....and I love it!!!  I have been donning my fluffy pink robe to sit on the patio and have my coffee with the dogs as the sun comes up.

It puts me in the mood for a little of this.....

And a whole lotta that....

Maybe a cuppa Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks....

However, the cooler air dropping down from the north has brought extremely dry winds.  Here in the state of Texas, we are having a terrible problem with wildfires.  Already in a prolonged state of drought, conditions have reached a critical level.  There has been devastating loss of life and property in our Lone Star State. 

Please keep the folks and animals affected by the wildfires in your prayers! 

Warm hugs on these chilly mornings, y'all....


  1. Potted Mums and Pumpkins...sure and pretty signs that Summer is behind us. We are seeing on the news the devastation that the wild fires are causing in Texas and our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone having to deal with this. Hoping the desperately needed rain begins to fall soon. Take good care.

  2. It has finally gotten down to the high 80's and we all think it is fall!!! I love fall and everything about it. We just don't really have it here in the Lowcountry. That is probably what I miss the most about living in Michigan or Tennessee. I have to try one of these pumpkin spice lattes. I think everyone in the world loves them!!! Praying for you guys in Texas and hope that rain will come soon to give some relief. Enjoy your cooler days!


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