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Welcome, AUTUMN!!!

It is officially the first day of Autumn....however, you sure wouldn't know it by looking around my house!!!

Remember how the Porch looked by this date last year???

On Janie's Porch - September, 2010
This year, the Porch still wears her Summer wreath (and a heavy coating of West Texas red dirt).  Eight "unpotted" mums from the nursery sit lined up along the edge of the steps, patiently waiting for me to get them transplanted into the planter box and ground. 
My welcoming scarecrow is simply a ghost in the storage shed out back, waiting to be sprung from behind the lawn tools.

Inside the house, it's not much better.  Not one pumpkin sits on display yet.

In Janie's House, September, 2011

Despite the lack of Autumn decor, I am feeling a bit more in the Fall Mood.  The morning dawned cool and crisp here today.  A front from the north blew in during the night and the weather was well-beyond-fabulous. 

I'm inspired to get my rear in gear and get everything decked out this weekend (if work and other such responsibilities will just cooperate....).  After all, this is my most favorite time of the year!

I know this is true for many of you.  Something about those days of Indian Summer feels so idyllic and....perfect.  And the decorating,'s right up there with the Christmas decorating at our house. 

So, how far have you gotten this year?  Bet you're ahead of me!!!



  1. I haven't started either. I think this weekend I will break it out of my building! I'm excited! My mums are on the side of my sidewalk lined up too!

  2. I don't have one thing out yet. It has been too darn hot and humid to think about fall! We had a cool weekend last weekend and it crossed my mind to pull out the fall goods, but I ran out of time! I will have to get moving this weekend!

  3. Whew! So glad to see I'm not the only one who hasn't gotten to this. LOL

  4. Actually, I'm not ahead of you and probably much further behind. I'm still getting used to the fact that summer is leaving and getting further and further away and I am missing it.

  5. I'm running a tad behind too. Can't wait to see yours when it is done.

  6. Looking good there Jane. I love your Country front porch all dressed up for Fall.

  7. P.S.....My son stopped by this evening and informed me that the first full day of Fall was actually today (9/23), not yesterday, when I posted this. Well, dang! Did they change this?!?!?


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