Friday, September 30, 2011

Playing Hooky!!!

Yesterday was one of those rare days when Eddie was off and I could play hooky from the office, too!  So, we decided to take full advantage of the possibilities.....

After sleeping in til after 8:00 am, we got up and around and headed over to a huge church rummage sale.  Oh, my!  We were just darting from one thing to the was nearly overwhelming to see so much in one place.  We did actually buy a few items ~ a wood magazine holder, some great produce baskets, fabulous Halloween votives (unopened) from Bath & Body Works, a couple of pieces of jewelry and assorted paperbacks for Eddie.  We even hit the bake sale table and indulged in some chocolate chip cookies!

While we were out, we went by Academy and Target did a little shopping.  I found some terrific little 3/4 length sleeve cardigans on clearance at Target ~ I am in heaven!  We also picked up some henleys for Ben and Sam at Academy, marked down to $4.88.  And I snagged some great clearance tee's there, also.  I see a major closet~cleaning/decluttering in my very near future......

After taking care of a few more errands and a late lunch, we headed home.  Once we arrived, I "hit a wall".....and "crashed".  I laid down and took a 3-hour nap!  It felt insanely wonderful!  Eddie cooked some simple hamburgers on the propane grill and then we lazed around and watched programs we had recorded on the DVR. 

So, my Prince and I had a terrific day together.  We didn't do anything "special", but we enjoyed each other's company ~ immensely!  And we had some much needed down time. 

Once in a while, you just have to steal a day and play hooky!!!


P.S.....Be watching upcoming posts where I will share some of our rummage sale treasures and a few ideas on how they will work into our decor!


  1. So glad you were able to play hooky and have a great day! Can't wait to see the yard sale items. Several towns around us are having community and individual sales tomorrow, so I intend to be up before daylight and headed out! They advertised one to start at 5am, but warned at the end of the ad "no earlybirds" lol. I thought that was funny.

  2. Even as an adult, we still get a little bit of a thrill playing hooky! Glad you had the opportunity and jumped at it.

  3. What a great day for you guys! I love those. We used to take off one day early in December and go out to breakfast, shop, eat lunch, shop and eat dinner. The last time we did that... I was in labor!!!! I will say that he played hooky last year for a half a day and the three of us went to the pumpkin patch. We had the place to ourselves! It was awesome!!! So glad you had a day to yourselves! Have a great weekend!


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