Thursday, September 29, 2011

Freshening Up Out Front....and Welcome to Fall!!!

Once in a while, Life seems to pick up the pace and race by so swiftly!  That seems to be the case with September.  Wasn't it the beginning of the month just yesterday.......and here we are, finishing out this page on the calendar in a dead rush.

I had grand intentions for September.  And many of the ideas I had for projects around the house got trampled in the race to the get through the month.  Traditionally, I have my porch - and the inside of the house, for that matter - dressed for Fall before the middle of the month.  There have been many years when I took care of changing out decor for the season during the Labor Day weekend.  But, it just seemed I couldn't get to it this year....

Finally, though, this past Sunday, Eddie got a day off and the weather was wonderful.  Yes, it got a bit warm, but there was lots of sunshine and a delightful cooling breeze.  We worked together to get the front yard mowed, edged and cleaned up.  Then he dug up that monkey grass that filled part of the contoured bed along the front of the house.  Yea!!!  I had been dreaming of that monkey grass going away for a long time!  Adios!!!

Grubby from working in the yard, we headed out to Lowes and prowled through the garden section.  Admittedly, it was pretty picked over.  But, what they did have was mostly marked down to half price!  So, I grabbed more mums, a couple of new Indian Hawthorne shrubs to replace some dead bushes we had just dug up, and even some ornamental grasses.  To top it all off, several bags of mulch.  And, as we were headed to the check-out, I spied a nearly empty bin of fantastical pumpkins! 

And we were off!  We planted, swept, laid the soaker hose out.....and, voila!  We have a freshly landscaped bed along the front of our little cottage!  I'm loving it!!!

The yellow mums are blooming out nicely....

These purple ones on the clearance table seem a bit bashful, but they're getting there....

Don't you just love the texture of this ornamental grass?

I was inspired to get the front porch set up for Fall!  Still some tweaking to do, but at least it's a start!

So, now I can enjoy Fall on Janie's Porch for another year.  Stop by for a visit.  We'll head out and pick up some more pumpkins while you're here!!!

Enjoy the Blessings of Autumn, my Friends!!!


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  1. My daughter and I were commenting the other day on how quickly September passed! Your property looks great! Thank goodness for beautiful mums to give us bright colour throughout the Fall. I have yet to get my pumpkins for the front porch :(


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