Monday, April 23, 2012

Caution - Materialistic Post Ahead.....

Warning - This blog post is definitely shallow......yep, very materialistic, indeed. 
Don't say I didn't warn you!

As I was out there in the Wonderful World of Blog today, I came across a blog about the "boyfriend" watch trend.  You can check it out here at "Let's Add Sprinkles".

I guess it caught my eye because I was recently on-the-hunt for a particular "boyfriend" style watch made by Fossil.  Perhaps you've noticed the tortoise shell ceramic band watches they have in their lineup?

I saw a lady sporting one similar to this last week and just knew I had to have one!  I mean, really, it's the perfect neutral watch that goes with simply everything in the wardrobe, right?!?!?  So, I poked around online and determined that one of these little beauties was going to set me back at least $135.  Undeterred (and knowing I really couldn't spend that amount on a watch when I already have not one, but two, perfectly good ones), I headed out to Dillards - just to see.  Well, they didn't have the one I was eyeballing in stock, but the nice saleslady was explaining to me that she could order it and have it shipped directly to my house.....

As I was smiling and nodding, a spinner just above the display case caught my eye.  There sat exactly what I was looking for!!!  Fossil - check.  Tortoise shell band - check!  "Diamond" bezel - check, check, check!!!  The only problem - the face is white, not brown, and it doesn't have all those extra little gadgets in there.

The "face" of my watch is simpler, but I rather dig that!

I gasped!  The saleslady's eyes followed mine and she gasped!  "Hang on, let me get it out, dear."  She fumbled with the lock on the case and withdrew the watch.  Hang on to your hat - it was marked down to $28.75!!!  I slipped it on and we just got all thrilled together.  Oh, she was a sweetheart about it (even though I am sure, if she works on commission, she just lost money).

And, just as I suspected, it goes with EVERY single thing I could ever want to wear!!!

But.....I've sort of lost focus on what I was going to tell you about Katie's blog post on the watch......let me get back on track.....

In the photos she posted of herself wearing the watch, she has on this absolutely "to die for" Tiffany bracelet.....just like this one......

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

Okay, now you tell me.  Is that not just the most divine piece of jewelry a girl could own?!?!?  Oh, heart beats quicker just gazing at must click on the "pin" and see it larger and in detail! 

And, then I found this one.....and my heart nearly pounded out of my chest.  Which one, oh, which one to choose?

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

Yes, yes, yes, I want it!!!  Either one.  And I have "pinned" them.  And shown them to my Eddie Dale and explained that Tiffany's does have complimentary shipping on all orders over $150.

I am sure my dreams will be filled with images of me wearing one of these two matters not which one!

Now, come on, surely you must have gotten all pitter-patter-hearted over a piece of jewelry at some point in your life.  Is it totally shallow to want something this badly?  Maybe so.  I warned you this was a materialistic post....but every once in a while, a girl just gets a bad case of "I Want's"!  Well, at least this girl does....just once in a while.  And, it's Tiffany's, for gosh sakes!  I mean, what woman doesn't dream of shopping at Tiffany's, feeling all Audrey Hepburn-ish?

If you could go shopping for a piece of jewelry or accessory, with no consideration for price, what would grab your attention?  What would send your heart a-racing and go home with you?

Hugs to all of you......

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  1. Seeing as you saved so much money on the watch, I think you definitely deserve one if not both of those bracelets. :)


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