Thursday, April 12, 2012

Got a Blessing???

Ever notice how when you're feeling a little bogged down or floundering around for some direction.....
God seems to give you a fresh breath of air?  
A little extra poof of wind in your sails?

Some days the path seems shrouded in fog....and you feel the weightlessness as you stumble....
But, then one little thing can steady you and set you right....
strengthen your resolve.

Today was one of those inexplicable days when I felt discouraged over little things - even nothing.
And, yet, it is ending on an encouraging note.  

So thankful today for the blessing of encouragement and 
the Light to see the next step ahead on the path!

How did you feel blessed today?


  1. Sometimes instead of looking behind or ahead of us, we only need to look up.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Janie, just getting caught up on your blog. Doesn't it always seem that we recognize blessings just when we really need them. I don't know why because I truly believe there are many many blessings in our lives all the time. Maybe it's because we sometimes take things for granted so when we are down or upset we can notice them. Take care.


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