Thursday, April 5, 2012

On a Beautiful Spring Day......

The other day I made reference to the fact that the mesquites have leafed out here.  It's pretty much a true indication that Spring has arrived and we won't have another freeze.  So, it gets me all excited every year when it happens!

The bright neon green of the mesquite's foliage is unique, starkly different in color and texture
from the other native trees growing around here.

We have many mesquite trees here on our property.  This is the large one that grows out front of the house.

No photo retouching done here....
the sky really is that beautiful shade of blue today!

I know they are a nuisance to farmers and ranchers, popping up and taking root in pastures or fields needed for cattle or crops.  They can grow quickly and densely and clearing them from the land is a challenge. But, they have a rather stark beauty all their own.  Their trunks can grow nearly horizontal, twisting and gnarling around upon themselves into an architectural  form.  Their shade is light and sparse, creating a lacy shadow on the ground below.

Beware, these trees have some mighty nasty thorns!  They drop with small branches to the ground and we used to step on them all the time out in the yard when we were kids.  Those things are wicked and can pierce right through a pair of 99-cent flip flops from TG&Y.  

Believe me, I had this happen many times when I was kid
 running around the yard in those cheap summer flippies!  

Welcome to Spring here on The Porch.  With such beauty all around, how can one not say......

This is the day which the Lord has made....
I will rejoice and be glad in it!


  1. No kidding they have leafed! What an interesting tree. I wonder why the branches have such piercing thorns? We have plants that grow in our woods here with thorns like that and you are right, they will go through a sneaker sole as well as a pair of 99 cent flip flops. Believe me...I know! LOL
    Have a lovely and blessed Easter Jane :)

  2. I feel like I just visited your place - literally :) The scenery is truly gorgeous. Ahh spring...
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