Sunday, November 11, 2012

Booger Attachment? No Way....Well, Maybe...

I must admit....I am not a "cat person".

It probably stems from the fact that I am terribly allergic to cats.  We discovered this the hard way when I was a child.  We went over to visit some cousins in Sweetwater, about 45 minutes away.  They had an adorable little kitten and I held it, loved on it....and the result was wheezing and eyes that looked like scrambled eggs!  Benadryl was not available over the counter in the mid-60's, so the only remedy on a Sunday afternoon was a cool, wet cloth across my eyes.  The swelling took quite some time to go down and it was pretty traumatic to a little kid!

All through the years, I've avoided any contact with cats.  Sure, I can be in a house where they live, but I know not to touch any surface the cat has been on and then touch my eyes!  

When we lived out in the country, there were some outside cats, still somewhat feral, hanging around.  We often fed them and enjoyed watching their antics out in the yard (and the fact they kept down the mice population).  All of these "barn cats" stemmed from one old tom - we called him Big Mo.  One of the kittens was named Charlie by Trayden and it stuck.  She came around quite a bit - not quite as feral as the others.  And she often brought her kittens with she did this cold night.

Charlie and kittens from two of her litters.  They sure were little cuties!

Let me introduce you to a cat I could really love, though.....'cause he's the cutest little stinker.  This is Tom Booger, or just Booger for short.  Yes, that's really what my daddy calls him.....

Booger and "his" chair.....
Whenever Daddy goes out of town, I have "Booger Duty".   I go over and feed him, make sure he has water.....scoop the poop and pee out of the litter box(es).  (Daddy recently went to two so he could scoop every other day, but I prefer to scoop every day - for obvious reasons!)

Over the last couple of weeks, Daddy went on a road trip to North Carolina,  So, for ten days or so, I went over to check on Booger every day; giving him his daily serving of tuna and making sure he had dry food and water; and, oh, did I mention I scooped out his litter box??? 

Let me tell you, he loves that tuna!!!  He stands on his hind legs and "paws" my rear while I'm getting it ready.  (Thank goodness he has no front claws!)  While I clean the litter box, he woofs down his food and then bounces back up in his chair.  He loves this chair and lays there, rubbing his head and face against the arms.  Then he makes a big display of "pawing" the back of the chair and taking swipes at me as I walk through the living room.  It's like a game of some sorts, I guess.

At any rate, I've gotten a bit attached to him on our little daily visits, even though I can't pet or cuddle with him due to my allergies.  Daddy is back home now, so this round of Booger Duty is over. But, that little guy is growing on me! 

How about you??? Cats?  Or dogs?  Or, maybe even both?!?!?  


  1. I love both but Tom is crazy allergic to cats! I would have one except my husband would have to move out! I love when they want to snuggle (because you know it is all on their terms!)! They are awesome snugglers! I always had a cat growing up, but I don' t miss the hair that comes with them! Booger is a cutie. Bit o' info. My nickname from my dad is Boo which is short for Boogar. Not for disgusting reasons or anything, but just what he called me. Oh like the time I was in our county fair beauty pageant and he yelled "Way to go, Booger!!!" across the grandstand... Nice... :-)

  2. Since I returned home last week, Booger has looked all over the house for you. I promised him that I would go away again soon, so that beautiful lady could come back. He can't wait to get his paws on her rear again.

    1. Ha ha, Daddy! I know this "anonymous" commenter is you! That silly cat.....

  3. Jane, this cracks me up! I am also allergic to cats. But your story about the beauty pageant is priceless!
    I love your blog...and I wish I lived where you do:). Oh well...we are where we're supposed to be. See you around!

  4. Your cats are sweet. Our neighbors cat comes overs o often that I feel like we have our own. He's a Tom - type cat too. Did I tell you that the middle picture in your header is the prettiest porch photo. Love that homey country feel.


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