Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bonnie Turns 30!!!

Today is my baby girl's 30th birthday!!!  

So hard to believe that it has been three decades since that precious little bundle of joy came into my life.  A couple of years ago, I wrote an emotional birthday post for her.  
You can read the story of Bonnie's birth here.  

There have been some big changes in Bonnie's life in the past year.  In January, she married Matt!  I shared some of their wedding celebration right here.  

And now even bigger changes are coming.....

Bonnie and Matt are expecting their first child together in May, 2013!!!   
Which means that I am going to be Mimi to yet another precious grandbaby! 

Little Baby Powell is just a blip on the radar in this photo, but he/she is there, thriving and growing, getting ready to be welcomed into our growing family.  

The announcement came to family and close friends at Ansleigh's sixth birthday party.  After the presents were all unwrapped, Bonnie handed Ansleigh one more little bag to open.  It only took a moment for Trayden and Ansleigh to put it together.  Talk about some excitement  - just look at the smile on that little girl's face!!!  None of us was expecting the announcement, so it was a wonderful surprise.  

Bonnie has been struggling with morning sickness and tired-to-the-bone exhaustion.  She laughs about her strange cravings with this baby.  For example, she was craving a hotdog smothered in sauerkraut.  So, she had not one, but two!  After the ensuing sickness, she was quickly cured of that particular craving.  But, the first trimester is nearly over and, hopefully, things will get a little better for her soon!  

Take a moment to wish Bonnie a very happy birthday today!  And keep her in your prayers on this stretch of the journey!

Wishing you a happy 30th birthday, Bonnie
And a year filled with abundant blessings, my precious girl!!!

Love you bunches.....


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  1. Happy happy birthday to your baby girl! May this be the best year ever! So so excited for your happy news!! Babies are a gift from God!


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