Under a Starry Sky.....

Last night, I stood in the dark, under an inky blue sky, shimmering with stars.  
The warm afternoon had turned to cool twilight, the air carrying just the faintest hint of a chill.  
The waning moon rose brightly in the east.

Looking up, I breathed deeply and listened to the quiet and familiar sounds of the neighborhood.....
a dog barking, the slam of a car door down the street, 
the hum of traffic a few blocks away.  

And I felt blessed.  

What better way to end the day than soaking up the beauty of God's creation around us?
Even in the darkness, there is beauty and peace. 

Keep your eyes and heart open.....
The blessing is there.


  1. It made for a nice drive home last night...
    Even the headlights of the traffic failed to diminish


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