Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Christmas Song to Take to Heart

December 1.......time is flying by!!!

Hard to believe that we are in full holiday swing.  But, Christmas is just a little over three weeks away now!

We are enjoying being all decked out for the season.  I've been busy at home today, just doing some cleaning and tweaking the decorations.  This evening, we have plans to go out with friends for dinner, but I am hoping to lay down and rest for just a bit with the pups before it is time to get ready. 

I know many folks are running and rushing at breakneck speed at this time of the year!  So much to the list goes on.  We are making a very conscious effort to avoid some of the craziness that has become the December norm.  

Enjoy time together when we are both off; get out at times of the day when it is less crowded; simplify the schedule.....those are our goals! 

I always enjoy music in the car when I am out and about.  Music seems to have a calming effect and often moves and inspires me, even when I'm only driving for a few minutes.  And I admit that I usually drag out the Christmas CD's early in November!  This particular song really speaks to me and I hope you will take a few minutes to listen and take to heart the lyrics......

Isn't this so true?  
We all need time to be quiet and still....
to reflect on the true meaning of the season at the end of each day. 

Which holiday songs do you find yourself singing along with this year?  Listening to over and over?  Take the time to leave a comment and share one of your favorites with us! 

Peace and Joy....

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  1. Yes we do. I'm trying to live in the moment and not be frazzled this year. Thanks for stopping by!


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