Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bringing a Little Christmas Magic into the Bedroom

Don't you just love bringing little touches of Christmas into different areas of the home when decorating for the holidays?  

Today, I am sharing the master bedroom and how we like to celebrate the season in our own private little sanctuary.

Little is the key word when it comes to our bedroom.   

Our home was built in the early 50's, so there is no "master suite".  This is simply the largest bedroom, located at the front of the house.  So, it became our "master" and, this year, home to our traditional "Texas Tree".  Perched on the top of a writing desk in the corner and reflected in the mirror, it sparkles and shines with the numerous Texas and western-themed ornaments we have collected.

Actually, the colors I have year round in this room lend themselves very well to decorating for the holidays.  

The light olive tone on the walls, red and gold in the bedding, and gold sheers at the windows provide a nice backdrop for the red, green and gold of traditional Christmas decorations.

 On the dresser, sits a very simple arrangement of white prayer candles and shiny bulbs 
on a gold charger. 

 It provides a soft, radiant glow when reflected in the mirror in the evenings....

Do you decorate throughout your home or focus on the living areas?  

What are your favorite, and maybe non-traditional, rooms to deck out???  

I remember that my grandmother even decorated their bathroom when I was a child!  

Oh, yes, she did!  She had a Christmas toilet lid and tank set that adorned their lovely blue potty.  Looking back, it was kinda strange....and I'm not a fan of toilet seat covers at any season.  But, we thought it was grand back then!

Next time around, I am finishing out the holiday tour of our home with the dining area and some miscellaneous stuff.  So, make a point of dropping by again in a day or two!  

Wishing for you the true JOY of the season.....


  1. You even managed to get my early Christmas picture in the photo of candles. I always love what you do to our home

  2. I LOVE your sanctuary Jane!!! The chair looks so comfy and the tree is perfect! I love the photo of the mirror reflecting the tree and that wonderful chair.
    The whole feel of the room is cozy and peaceful.


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