Sunday, December 30, 2012

Putting Away the Tree and Trimmin's....

Awoke to gray skies and cold weather on this Sunday morning.  Oh, how I wanted to snuggle back in and sleep a bit longer......

But, something inside of me felt restless.....I had a nagging idea that I should get up and clean house....really clean house.....minus the Christmas decorations!

And, so I pulled on my favorite grubby gray sweats and a jacket and began the process of dragging all the plastic storage bins into the house from the storage shed in the backyard. 

All the ornaments have been removed and wrapped in tissue and plastic.  The tree was bare and the pups were incredibly curious as to what I was doing.

Bit by bit, I collected little touches of Christmas from all around the house.  The dining area near the back door became a staging area. 

Now, I have nearly finished and am in the process of cleaning the rest of house.  Laundry, laundry, laundry....I have no idea how two people generate so much.  Changing sheets, scrubbing the bathroom....still await me.  And the kitchen floor is a mess, thanks to so many trips in and out the back door.  But, the rest should be a breeze......

I'm sad to see it all go back into storage until next year, but I'm glad I listened to that little inner voice telling me to get my rear in gear and get it done.  It feels a little bare right now.....doesn't it always when the tree and decorations come down?

The pups are chilling in the living room while I work through the rest of the house....

....and I am feeling good about getting it done!!!

Looking forward to starting off the new year in a clean house!


  1. Well, you go woman! It would be great to start the new year with a freshly cleaned house and all of the holiday decor put away. I have one more dinner party tonight and then I have plans to put my Christmas. Happy New Year.....

  2. I just couldn't do it today!!! I know I need to, but I didn't get everything up until late so I feel like I haven't enjoyed it like I should! We also have snow outside and it just makes it feel "right" with the Christmas decorations! I will probably take it all down when Jemma goes back to school and the hubs goes back to work on Wednesday. I am going to miss my crew!

  3. Good that you went with your gut, Jane! I find if I don't then it takes me forever to get to the major jobs {especially of putting away the Christmas decorations}. I'm going to do my clean up Thursday ~ once all the family visiting has left. It does always seem so bare once Christmas is put away, but I kind of like the clean slate. It gives me an opportunity to move some things around a little differently. Happy New Year!


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