Monday, May 21, 2012

Camera Play with the Birthday Boy

Yesterday was my son's birthday - Ben is 23 years old!  Where did the time fly?!?!? 

It was also the event of a solar eclipse.  While Eddie Dale was out on the patio, grilling some steaks and shrimp for the birthday boy's dinner, Ben and I headed out front for some photos in the setting, and eclipsing, sun.

The sunlight was absolutely golden, popping through the trees like a soft spotlight.  While we were playing around, getting some shots to work on my new header, Ben noticed my shadow against the house and snapped this shot......

Wow!  I grabbed the camera from him and told him to pose......and he did.  Here he is saluting the eclipse.....
It was a fun, lighthearted moment with my son.....who is truly a grown man now.  Love you, Benjamin Ross!

Feeling thankful for moments like these......


  1. Sweet moments like that are the ones that you will never forget, and neither will he! I love the new picture of you in your header! You are gorgeous!

  2. I love these. Such Great poses. I'll bet you had lots of fun taking them too. Happy belated birthday to your son.

  3. Great photos. Best wishes for a wonderful year for your son.

  4. Very cool photos! I love your porch too, great header photos!
    Thanks for your kind comments about my office makeover!

  5. Terrific pictures!!! They really are quite amazing. Happy birthday to your dear boy. I bet the BBQing was yummy.


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