Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Tribute to Mother's Day

Mother's Day.....

A day set aside to celebrate honor the one who gave birth to and raised us, nurtured us along on life's journey......
My Mother - Becky
And, just as importantly, if you are a Mother, to reflect on the many vast and varied blessings of having a child......or, in my case, three!  (Triple the kids, triple the fun......or something along those lines.)

Me and my children - Benjamin, Bonnie & Samuel (from left)

And, hey, it's a great excuse to spend time with Family! (As if we need one around here....)

My daughter and grandkids picked up Mom and me this morning have lunch together.  Nothing fancy, a rather "spur of the moment" outing to Taco Bueno.  But, aren't those usually some of the best times?!?!?   No advance planning and fuss - just grab your bag and go......

After eating, we had a little time to kill, so we went over to Target.  Did a lot of browsing.....some chasing kids.....and Bonnie actually added to her work wardrobe a bit with some cute selections from the clearance rack. 

Funny thing......I found these darling little sandals in "pewter", which is better than the new black for summer, don't you think?  Mom loved them - so we found them in her size.  Bonnie loved them - so we also found them in her size.  There will be three generations sporting this look around here this summer!  Gotta love it!!!
My hubby warned me not to post this as I might attract a stalker with a foot fetish!

Eddie Dale was thoughtful for Mother's Day, as he always is.  Beautiful red roses, which definitely wanted to nest in a goblet instead of a vase today.  And cards from the kids......I am feeling all loved and wrapped with XO's and XO's!

And, speaking of the kids, this Momma has one of her little birds back in the nest - but, only for a few days.  Ben is staying here while he looks for a new apartment.  We are searching for a one-bedroom unit here in town for his first venture into the world of "no roommates" and "flying solo".  Since he will be 23 years old next week, I am truly attempting not to "baby" him while he is here!  But, good-golly-gosh, it's hard not to treat him like a kid, even though he certainly acts like an adult......

I guess we moms will always view our children as "our babies", no matter how old they get!!!  I am going to enjoy having "Benjaturtle" sleeping safely and soundly under our roof for a few nights. 

In reflection, I have been so greatly blessed by my children.  Being a Mother is probably the greatest accomplishment of my life.  I was a stay-at-home mom for a lot of years - twelve, in fact - and I was good at it!  I believe that the time and effort spent "raising" my children was valuable and productive for both them and me. 

Thank you, Lord, for bringing Bonnie, Ben and Sam into my life and allowing me to be their MOM!  And thank you for one of my very best friends, my MOM! 


  1. The picture of your mother is lovely. Was that her birthday cake? 88 years young!!! Wow. Glad you enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day weekend with your beautiful children and enjoy having your son back home for awhile ;)

    1. Paula, the candles on the cake, although hard to read in this photo, are "69". My mom would die if she knew someone thought she was 88! LOL. But, heck, she looks great for 69....and would be beyond fabulous for 88!

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your mother and to your children. I must tell you that I can surely identify. I loved being a daughter and I love being a mother. What could be better. By the way, those are fabulous sandals. I think I need to go to Target too!

    1. Oh, Ellen, I love Target! I try not to go too often, though.....I could get into some real trouble in there!

  3. What a lovely post and Happy Mother's Day to you a day late! I am so glad that you had a wonderful day. Mine was perfect as I made it to MN and we were all together!

    1. Can't wait til you are back blogging and showing us that fabulous new house!

  4. Jane, what a beautiful post full of love! Thank you for sharing your precious family with us. And the music??? Is this new. It grabbed my heart--it's lovely.

    Blessings, my new friend.

    1. Welcome to The Porch, Julie! And thank you for your sweet comment. Yes, the music is new! I installed a widget for Playlist and the selections are all by Secret Garden, one of my all-time favorite artists for instrumentals that seem to whisper to my soul, "Be still and listen....."


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