Thursday, May 31, 2012

Come and Sit for a Bit.....

Eddie Dale and I worked in the front yard this morning.....together, of course.   He edges and weed-eats; I mow and sweep.  We love teaming up!

Hard to believe that tomorrow is June 1st!  

Welcome, Summer!
We think you're looking mighty fine around here.....

The new rose bushes, pink and red, are blooming.  The lantana is up and showing its vibrant hues of orange and red.  The petunias are still going like gangbusters.  The mums are gigantic - some have already bloomed and been pinched back once.  And the grass has greened up - thanks in large part to the fact that we have a water well and can water often.

I wish each of you, dear Friends, could stop by for a visit and glass of iced tea with me!!! 


  1. Looks wonderful. That latuna is a cute little flower and your roses are of course beautiful.

  2. I'd love to....come and sit for a bit. Such lovely flowers!!

  3. A nice cold glass of iced tea sound lovely ~ especially upon your porch Jane! We both tag team a lot with our husbands doing yard work...reminds me of my grandma always saying "many hands make light work!" Enjoy your weekend :)


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