Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wardrobe Faux Pas....or Not?

Everybody in the family headed out to see Ansleigh "graduate" from preschool yesterday evening.  We were all so proud of her and enjoyed the program (mostly because it wasn't overly long and the participants didn't get bored and start wiggling too much.....and because it was pretty precious and the kids were so dang cute!).
This little missy is done with Preschool.....moving on up to Kindergarden!
And we had a wardrobe "malfunction", "clash", "coincidence", or, perhaps, "faux pas"....occur!

Remember when I mentioned a couple of days ago that my mom, my daughter and I all bought the same sandals at Target? (Read about it HERE....)

Bonnie (yes, she has a Bible verse tat on her foot and tiny footprints around her ankle.....she is fearless about her faith that way!)

Mom enjoying punch and cookies after the program.....and rocking her new sandals!
Actually, we knew this might happen.  Should have been expecting it.....

Well, maybe I was anticipating it.....because I was the only one who didn't wear them new shoes last night! 

Honestly, I don't think it truly bothered either one of them too much to have on the same shoes.  Although, I think Bonnie was a tad bit more conscious of it than Mom....and Bonnie is usually one of those people who doesn't give a flip what others think.  So, somehow, I found it amusing enough to try to snap a photo of their feet together.  Not happening!!!  When Bonnie realized I had the camera turned on, she kept moving away from her Nanny - I guess so I couldn't get a photo of them side by side....

Oh, well, it was bound to happen.

Smiling at the little things that happen daily........


  1. Ha!!!! If you had yours on, she may not have acknowledged you!!! Sweet girl! Congrats on graduation! Kindergarten... oh my! I am sad just thinking about Jemma going to school all day every day next year for first grade!

  2. If you had worn yours too, I would have said something like, "Great minds think alike!" LOL I sure miss those kindergarten days. Wish all my lovelies were little again!

  3. What an exciting day for little Ansleigh! She's adorable. I think it is funny that all three of you bought the same sandals. Good taste runs in the family.

  4. I almost bought those shoes tonight at Target! I may go back and get them, but I came really close. I just hate how you have to hook them. It is a bit of a pain, but then I should lose a bit of weight and it wouldn't be so bad! If I buy them, I am doing a post just for you!


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