Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Big Question - "How Does It Feel???"

As part of an advertising campaign, I have had a billboard up for the last four months.  It's a "rotating" billboard, meaning that the location changes around town on a monthly basis, giving me greater exposure in different areas. 

I've had a lot of people ask me, "So, how does it feel to see yourself on a billboard?"

Well, a couple of words come to mind in response.....

Overwhelming - I mean, gosh!  It's so BIG and VISIBLE!  The first time I drive by and see myself in a new location, I just about have to pull over so I don't have a wreck.....

Intimidating - Again, it's so BIG and VISIBLE!  I worry about my how I appear; does it really look like me?  Do I LOOK like that?!?!?  When someone meets me in person, will they think I look the same???

Our marketing director worked very closely with a local photographer to create a series of photos that truly represent each of us agents and tie in with the overall advertising flavor of the company's campaign.  In other words, NO glamour shots, please!  Very little refinishing or touch-up was done in order to make the photos accurately depict each individual. 

I've had people come up to me and recognize me from the billboards.  It's a very odd feeling, but it does create a "warm" opportunity for me to visit with them about real estate and pass along my card.  On the flip side, it makes me very conscious of my appearance (and think twice!) before I run out for quick errands without fixing my hair or face! 

Trying to get established in the industry when there are over 200 licensed agents in town is truly a challenge.  And I felt that this form of advertising would help me get "the biggest bang for my buck".  It does open doors and present chances to visit with new people about my services. 

But, it still feels a little weird every time I look up and see myself larger than life!   It was definitely a step out of my "comfort zone".  But, at the same time, it gives me a little boost of self confidence.  So, all and all, I am glad that I decided to participate in the campaign. 

Wishing you a happy tomorrow.....



  1. I think that is AWESOME!!!! I can understand all your feelings, but I will tell you, I think it works for real estate. There was a realtor that had her face on every shopping cart at Kroger. When we were moving, guess who we called! It may take time, but I think this will be huge for you! Oh my word... I would die if I had to worry about running to the store! Yikes!!!

  2. Very smart decision to go with this form of ad campaign. I think the billboard looks wonderful and I hope you garner some (a lot) of new clients because of it.

    P.S. Can't imagine any photo of you having to be retouched at all :)

  3. I think your billboard looks great and you are a super agent!


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