Oh, the Joy of a Simple Day.....

The pace is a bit slower today, thankfully.

We are anticipating a cold front, which should move through during the night.  This means a chance of rain in the morning and much cooler temperatures - in the lower 60's tomorrow for our high and down in the 40's tomorrow night!  Doesn't that sound delightfully "fall-ish"???

While I look forward to the change in weather, I am enjoying getting caught up on some things here at home today.  Yes, I worked some - it's wonderful to have a job where I can work from home, making phone calls and sending out e-mail.  I found time to get in for a haircut this morning and that feels mighty good.  I even took the time to sit on the porch for a bit!  (Of course, I struggled with that familiar sensation of being lazy when I first sat down - but, never fear, I booted that old guilty feeling to the curb as I enjoyed an extra cup of coffee and listened to the birds chirping.)

Making this an even better day, I heard from Son No. 1 (Ben) that he passed his property and casualty adjuster license exam at his new job at USAA.  Way to go, Benjaturtle!!!!

Tomorrow morning, Ed and I are having breakfast with Son No. 2 (Sam) at the Dixie Pig, a local "greasy spoon" type of cafe.  It is a local institution and, while it's not the healthiest cuisine, it sure is tasty! 

Later in the morning, I will be heading out to Bonnie and Matt's new place to help measure for some new blinds in one of the bedrooms and hang some curtains.  So, I get to love up on all my grandbabies!!!

Eddie Dale is home from an early day of work and we are going to grab a bite at the new McAlister's Deli, which opened this week, followed by an evening at home - watching movies, no doubt!  We are going to pass on the cross-town rivalry football game tonight - which is fine by me.  I am never sure who to root for at that one, anyway - I graduated from Cooper, but the district lines changed and all my kiddos graduated from Abilene High.  It's quite a dilemma! 

So, all in all, life is good.....very good.  Don't see that it can get much better!  Sometimes, it is the simple things, friends.....just the simple things......

I hope you're stealing a few moments to simply enjoy your day!

Hugs & smiles.....


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    1. Thanks, Amber. I am not very good at "selfie's"....isn't that what they call it? LOL. However, it is a bit awkward having someone else take my photo, as well. So, I made do with the iPhone camera when I was home alone.

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    1. I sometimes have to make a conscious effort to remember to slow down and enjoy! Probably a pretty common thing among us women....

  3. I love your fall header. Isn't this just the most awesome time of year?!?? HOPE the rest of your week is blessed!!!

    1. Yes, Debbie! I love Fall - fun to decorate, perfect weather, and so much less stress than the Christmas holiday.....maybe that is why we all seem to enjoy it so much!


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