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The Written Word - Are You a "Reader"???

I have always been a "reader".

Some of my earliest memories from childhood are going to the public library.  Mom tells me I must have been about five years old the first time she took me down for "story hour".  We carried a bag and when story time was over, we selected books to carry home.  It was dark and raining that day....I remember that.  Even now, when I walk into a library, that somewhat musty smell of books transports me back to those warm and fuzzy memories.....

Through the years, I read voraciously!  I looked forward to my class's weekly trips to the school's library; in the summertime, one of my parents would drive me downtown to the library and allot me a certain amount of time to go in and restock on reading materials.  As an adolescent, Friday and Saturday nights were all about seeing how long I could stay awake to read.....into the wee hours of the morning, as there was no school the next day.

As an adult, I have continued to read, regularly and regardless of the "busy-ness" of my life.  There is nothing like curling up with a good book for a few minutes before bedtime.  It helps calm my mind and get my focus off the events of the day somewhat......much better than a sleeping pill.  I read a variety of books - novels, biographies, non-fiction - just whatever seems to be good at "feeding my soul" at the moment.  I love everything from romance to thrillers, mysteries to devotionals.....

One of my favorite reading spots.....on the guest room bed

Through the years, I tried to instill a love of reading in my children.  We made frequent trips to the library  (it was free entertainment, after all) and I like to think this is a legacy, of sorts, I gave them.  I know some of what I was trying to impress upon them rubbed daughter now regularly schedules trip to the library with her own growing children, despite the hectic pace of their lives.....and my oldest son was the A(ccelerated) R(eader) King (he read the most books of all the boys) in 5th grade.

Although I enjoy using my Kindle, I still love the feel of book in my hands.....turning the pages, gauging how much I've read by the growing thickness in my left hand and the waning weight in my right. 

My Kindle, upcoming reads and those trusty reading glasses...

I am in a very small book club, meeting once a month with three other ladies for a meal and discussion.  I've discovered some books I might not have otherwise picked up with this group.  And, even though it is just as much about the socializing and eating as it is about the reading, I am thankful to be a part.

In the past week, I read a really wonderful book by Francine Rivers - Redeeming Love.  It touched my heart and fed my spirit.....truly, a beautiful book that can change one's outlook on life.

 Right now, I am in the middle of Tuesdays with Morrie, by Mitch Albom, in preparation for our book club meeting next week. I have a feeling this one is really going to be one of those that makes a life impact, too.!  After that, I have several books that a colleague brought to the office to pass around.  (She gave them to me first because she knows I am a "reader".....)

What about you?
Would you label yourself a "reader"?
When do you carve out time to lose yourself in a book?
Do you use an electronic reader or prefer "the real thing"?  

I would love to hear what you are reading right now!!!  


  1. I share your love of reading, Jane! I can remember being young and going to the library in Abilene and getting lost in the stacks. And the smell....oh the smell. It's one of my favorites. I prefer reading the actual book, like you I like the feel of the pages. Also, any time I start a book I skip to the back and read the last sentence first. I'm not sure why, but I've always done it.

    1. I sometimes read ahead, Amber. But, I've never gone to the last sentence, so that intrigues me. LOL. I have always loved the main library downtown here. But, I remember how much better it used to be, way back before they rearranged it. Most of the upstairs was fiction stacks - it was totally awesome!!!

  2. Yes- I too love reading! Tuesdays with Morrie was definitely life-changing for me and has guided me often throughout the years. I also loved Redeeming Love. I'm reading Insurgent- a young adult book that my niece asked me to read. While neither of my boys have adopted my love of the library or reading, my niece has and so we bond over our love of books quite often. For book club we are going to read the new Khaled Hosseini book "And the Mountains Echoed." And books- I want to feel, smell, and see actual pages- I love books :)

    1. "And the Mountains Echoed" sounds like something I would pick up - just from the title alone! Will have to check it out for my Kindle.


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