Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Adding a Bit of Window Whimsy....

Well, we've been plenty busy decking the halls around here!  And this year I wanted to do something fun around some of the many windows in our home.

It all started with the wide set of three windows in the living room.  They were just begging to be accessorized....and this was my super simple solution!

I simply took traditional colored shatterproof balls, purchased dirt cheap at Dollar Tree (I got 21 for $3), added pre-cut 20-gauge floral wire and a snippet of left-over ribbon.  To get the whimsical curly-q look of the wire, I wrapped it around the handle of a wooden spoon from the kitchen and then stretched and bent it a bit, making a loop to hang over the curtain rod.

These provided just the touch I was looking for to provide a festive frame above the window.  So, I made more....for the window behind the tree....

Hey, I was on to something here....so, why stop in the living room?!?!?  I added some to the windows in our bedroom.  This time I used a box of bronze ornaments purchased at WalMart ($5 for 12).  Fortunately, the green, red and gold colors in our room already lend a holiday feel to the room!

Finally, I focused on Ed's little office, which has a Texas theme anyway.  These cute little wire star ornaments were 2/$1 at Dollar Tree, so this double window got "the treatment", too.  

I'm tickled with the added element of whimsy....and the way the hanging ornaments reflect the light in the rooms, both day and evening.  It was an easy, quick project that didn't break the budget.  (All three rooms came in at $11 for the ornaments; I used leftover ribbon and wire I already had.)

I'm linking up with Robin over at "All Things Heart and Home" for her "All Things Merry & Brite" party.  If you take a moment to click on the link, I know you will be blown away by all the great ideas and inspiration of Merry & Brite party-goers! 

If you've come up with a simple solution to stretch your decorating dollar for the holidays in a non-traditional way, I would love to hear about it!

Keep it warm, Friends!



  1. I love the "springy" way you hung them! Very cute and creative!

  2. So creative, Jane! Just love all of the ornaments and the stars, too ... way too cute!

  3. Great idea for extra ornaments!!!!

  4. These windows are adorable with the treatments you've made. How fun! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, yours looks great, will spend some time here exploring!

    Happy decorating!

  5. LOve it!!! So simple and beautiful! thanks for sharing!

  6. Very cute!! And what a great idea!!

    Debbie @ A Debbie-Dabble Christmas

  7. Ah, thanks for the sweet comments. So glad you like it! Now I need to do this in the bedroom and my kids room. What a great idea!

    Thanks again! I'm a new follower now!


  8. What a neat idea...fun and festive looking! Thanks for the visit and leaving such a sweet comment about my mantel. I've enjoyed my visit and have become one of your newest followers.

    Enjoy your day,

  9. Jane,
    Your header is beautiful!
    What a great idea for the windows. I, too, like the whimsy and the sparkle and color. Nice job!

  10. Jane! I just love you!!! These windows look so whimsical!
    My daughter saw your post and wants to do the ornaments on her den window!
    Feeling Christmas in your wonderful house...oh, by the way, Love the color of your bedroom walls!

  11. Adorable and such a great idea! I might have to give this a try! I LOVE the curly-q wire!
    Stopping over via "Merry and Bright" today!


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