Friday, November 19, 2010

The Week Before Thanksgiving....

Oh, what a hectic week....and it's not over yet! 

I've not had the time to post this week...or get out and look around at all my favorite blogs.   I miss visiting everyone and getting my inspiration "on"!!!

I figure a lot of you are doing what I am doing this week - preparing for Thanksgiving....and, oh yeah, that holiday that comes nipping on Turkey Day's heels....CHRISTMAS!!! 

I'm truly hoping to find the pace slow down a bit soon so I can sit down and bring you up to speed on all the going's-on around The Porch.  It's about time to change out all the Autumn decor around here for something a little more red and green, silver and gold......maybe a little something more like this......

So, be watching for the changes comin' soon! 

Hopin' y'all have a terrific weekend.....



  1. I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Jane,
    Have a wonderful weekend! Yes, it is busy right now. So good to read you post. And I do love the shiny baubles in your shiny bauble holder!

  3. Hope you find some time to relax and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. I know you are busy prepping for it and I look forward to reading all about it and seeing your wonderful photos!


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