Monday, November 29, 2010

Decking the Halls....

Thanksgiving is behind us....and we are barreling straight towards Christmas!

My house began the transformation from Autumn to Christmas nearly two weeks ago....and it took a full week to get the interior decor into place.  (For some reason, I seemed to have trouble finding things that we had packed away before we moved....)  I opted to have most of my i's dotted and my t's crossed prior to Thanksgiving Day so the weekend following would be relaxed and open for other activities.

Of course, the first order of business was the main tree in the living room.  It is loaded with ornaments I have collected since childhood, it's branches tipped with glass birds, candles and poinsettias.  (I will share more of the individual ornaments with you in another post!)

This year is all about working with what we have.....and Lord knows we have A LOT!!!  With this in mind, I tried to work in all of our favorites, although this meant getting a little more creative.

The water globes have their usual home atop the piano....

The hutch is laden with garland, lights and ornaments resting in a variety of glassware, with Mary Engelbreit's "The Night Before Christmas" tucked in for background....


 And filling the space between the bookcase and tv on the opposite side of the room is our traditional Texas Tree....

Although our home is smaller this year, it is oh-so warm and cozy. My goal is to make you feel like you have stepped into a Thomas Kincade painting, with all the warmth and  light inviting you to sit and stay awhile.  I love the way the room "glows" as I look across from the sofa...

In the coming days, I will share more of our decorations from throughout the house...and outside, too. 

And I have a very special treat for you!  My mother has agreed to let me take you on a tour of her lovely little cottage.  You will love it!!!

Until next time, I hope wish you warm tidings of the season....



  1. Just gorgeous, Jane! You have outdone yourself with your beautiful decorating! How festive!

  2. Beautiful Jane. Love the picture of your tree glowing!

  3. Oh, Jane! It looks absolutely charming! I love it!

  4. Jane, it is just beautiful!! So pretty with the twinkling lights and flowers!! :)

  5. Gorgeous Jane!!!! I feel the spirit in your photos. And that header of yours is over the top gorgeous!!!
    Come over and link up tomorrow to All Things Merry & Brite!
    xoxo love to you~R

  6. I love Thomas Kincade's works and I love your decorating. You really do have a flair for it. Love the new blog header and design too.


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