Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reflections on October....

Here we are, already past the first week of November!  But, I wanted to take a moment to pause and reflect on October before it just becomes a dim memory.....

What a busy month it was!  A lot of time was spent decorating for Autumn and Halloween.  I put a lot of effort into it this year since we live so near the grandkids and I wanted Mimi and Papa Ed's place to be really special for the season.  It might have been a lot of work, but it was a lot of FUN, too!

All that effort drew lots of attention and compliments from the neighbors and trick-or-treaters!  In addition, my blog post,  "Make Mine Spooky, Please", garnered some attention from FrontPorchIdeasandMore.Com and was featured in a special Halloween decorating section on their website.  You can check it out RIGHT HERE.   What a thrill to see my porch somewhere other than on my blog!  LOL.

Another project that seemed to require a lot of time in October was preparing for my stepdaughter's wedding in Oklahoma.  There was much to be done as far as helping Ed plan the meal that she requested for the reception....but, most of my time and energy was focused on finding that oh-so-right dress.  Remember???

I waited for my educational requirements to be evaluated by the Texas Real Estate Commission and my application to take the state licensing exam to be approved.  I was disappointed by the delay, but started an intensive review of the material I studied over the Summer.  I heard back from them just before leaving for the wedding.  I have a "green light" to take the exam!

And, finally, we put together a family evening of pumpkin-carving and chili-eating to celebrate Halloween.  It turned out to be so much fun - I'm sure a new family tradition has been born!

But, as I reflect on the month, one of the most special and rewarding moments had to be making cookies with my 4-year-old granddaughter, Ansleigh!   On the day before Halloween, I picked Ansleigh and her 6-year-old brother, Trayden, up and brought them over for some quality "Bake Time" with their Mimi (uh, that would be me).  We mixed up packaged sugar cookie mix (so simple!), rolled it out and used cookie cutters in the shapes of pumpkins, ghosts and bats to cut the cookies.  Then, we sprinkled orange sugar crystals on them before baking.  VOILA!!!  Halloween cookies!!!

To be honest, Trayden lost interest in the project pretty quickly.  He cut out a couple of cookies and then headed out into the backyard to romp with the dogs and search for treasures in the dirt.  But, Ansleigh took to cookie-making like a duck to water....and stayed with me through the last sheet of cookies.

This was a morning I will always treasure!  Just look at those precious little helping hands.....

And so October has raced past us....remaining only in memories.  Did it fly by for you, too?  Did you accomplish your goals for the month?  Spend the time you wanted with your Family?  Oh, I hope you did!

I am linking with Heidi at "Heart and Home" for Wednesday Gratitude.  Please take a moment to go over and check it out! 

Looking forward....



  1. Loved this post!!! looks like a great time was had baking cookies! .. loved the decor on the porch and the pumkins... Happy Wednesday .. HHL

  2. What a great post! I love how you take the time to reflect on the month. What a great time with Ansleigh. I remember baking with my grandmother and those were special times. She will always treasure them.

    Congrats on your porch being posted! That is awesome!!! It is also very deserving!!

  3. I love baking with my grand-daughter and can't wait until her little sister is a bit older to join us at the kitchen counter! Wonderful post.

  4. Hi Jane,
    What a great post, how nice to stop and reflect on the month. It went by so quickly, not the way I would have expected, but still I had some moments of joy during all the sadness and icky stuff.
    You and your little granddaughter look adorable in the kitchen together. What a good-looking grammie she has! You're making great memories together! Thanks for linking up, and for all your kind and gentle words of support. I appreciate you!

  5. Just stopping by for a visit and to let you know that I have picked you for the Stylish Blogger Award because I enjoy visiting and reading your blog so very much!

    Please stop by The House on the Corner and pick up your award when you have a minute!!

  6. Awww...Janie - those pictures are just adorable - you'll treasure those forever :) Thanks for stopping by - we've been so busy...yes, we've accomplished our decorating (for Christmas at the store!!) and are relieved this weekend is here! Loved your Halloween porch - toooo cute! What a great Mimi you are :)
    Take care - enjoy your weekend!!


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