Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Halloween Slumber Party

Well over a month ago, I promised Trayden and Ansleigh that when the weather cooled off a bit and we got closer to Halloween, they could come over to spend the night in our travel trailer, which is parked out in the backyard.  For some reason, this sounded like a grand adventure to them and they've been looking forward to it ever since.....

This past weekend, it was time to make good on that promise!

I hit Dollar Tree and picked up some fun, cheap decorations.  A little bit of tape, a few AAA batteries, and we were good to go!  Creepy spider cutouts climbed all over the walls, even in the sleeping berth above the bed.  I found little flashlights with interchangeable lenses to create spooky effects on the ceiling.  A tumbler full of eyeball and brains ring pops waited on the table.  I loved the vintage feel of some of the honeycomb tissues decorations. 

Bonnie dropped them off around 5:00 and Ed arrived home from work very shortly thereafter.  He built a fire in the pit and we started carting everything we needed for hotdogs out to the trailer for some fine dining.  The day had been very warm, but we had the fan running and all the windows cranked open, so it was just tolerable. Everybody was starving and we put away an entire package of Ball Park wienies and seasoned fries between the four of us!

After cleaning up, Ed set up our little flat screen tv and DVD player and, before you know it, it was dark and time for a movie.  We plugged in the pumpkin lights, turned off the rest of the interior lights and watched Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas". 

Reclining against piles of pillows, we ate popcorn and drank Capri Sun juice pouches.  By 9:00 pm, everyone was waning and Ansleigh announced that it was definitely time to drag out the sleeping bags and go to sleep!  Trayden resisted and we put in "The Polar Express", but we didn't even make it to the North Pole before dozing off......

Since the kiddos wanted to sleep near each other, we threw their sleeping bags up on the big bed and I slept on the fold-out sofa.  They slept like rocks, by golly, neither one waking until after 8:00 am the next morning. 

Of course, by the next morning, my back felt like I had slept on a bed of rocks, but it was so worth it.  We came inside the house for breakfast at EdHop - pancakes, bacon, eggs and orange juice.   When Bonnie arrived to pick them up at lunch time, they each left with their own pumpkin and carving kit to make jack-o-lanterns here in a few days. 

All in all, it was a really fun slumber party, right in our own backyard!  Very simple, not a lot of fuss....just making some fun memories together!  And, isn't that what it's all about???

Now, my 21-year old Sam texted me today to ask when we are getting together to carve pumpkins.....so, looks like we'll be doing a little more Halloween entertaining this next weekend.  But, I'm looking forward to it, just as I do every year!


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