Planning for a Fall Weekend....

I don't know about you......but, I am so thankful today was Friday!!!

Of course, I am "on call" for the office all weekend.  This means I have to keep my phone close and schedule all appointments for showings for the next two days.  But, that doesn't dampen my enthusiasm for the weekend one bit.

Eddie Dale is actually off this weekend.  So, I've been sitting here, working on a list of things we need to get done this weekend....

Oh, who am I kidding?!?!? 

I've been sitting here, puttering around on Facebook and Pinterest.  But, I do have in mind some things that need to be accomplished this weekend.

Before I get us all planned out, though, I need to allow some "down time".  Perhaps we can load the pups in the truck and head over to Sonic for a cold drink and some tater tots.  Then wind through some of our favorite neighborhoods and enjoy the pumpkins and mums on porches....maybe even catch a hint of changing color in a tree here or there.....

What do you have on tap for this weekend?  Hopefully, you will enjoy a brief respite from weekend business and enjoy some time just taking it all in......

Autumn Blessings.....


  1. Going to the Husky Football game with my son and grandson and sitting on my broad backside.

  2. Your activities sound wonderful. Maybe I might suggest some to the husband.


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