Monday, October 8, 2012

Pedernales Falls State Park

A few days ago, the hubby and I snuck away for an extended weekend down at Pedernales Falls State Park in our RV.  The morning of our departure dawned cool and rainy, but we were able to slog through the wet grass and mud to get the fifth loaded up and out of its parking place out back.  Just the two of us (and three dogs) were ready for some "down time".

It rained much of the weekend, but it did not dampen our spirits.  It was wonderful to be lazy and for the most part, we just napped, read and watched movies on DVD with the pups curled up around us.  We cooked evening meals out on the grill and snacked on popcorn.  We were able to open the windows and enjoy nice breezes and smell the damp earth and cedar around our campsite.

It was, in a word, heavenly.

The highlight of the trip was the day it actually quit raining and the sun came out for a couple of hours around midday.  We loaded Jake up and headed across the park to see the actual falls.  After parking, we followed a path down towards the Pedernales River, twisting and turning, the sound of the water crashing over rocks growing louder with each step.

When we arrived at the landing above the falls, it was crowded with other sightseers and Jake had to stop to say "well, hello there" to each person as we made our way carefully down the stone steps to the river.  There was a large sandy area on the "beach", where it appeared they were doing a professional photo shoot of some people working out with large rubber balls and yoga mats.  But, beyond that, you could walk out to the middle of the river on large, smooth rocks.....

Clouds were building in the north even as we started our way back up the steps, but the rain held off for a bit.  And the showers that day were brief.  I wish we could have taken Pepper and Scout with us, but their little legs are just so short that we were concerned they wouldn't be able to keep up on the hike.

By early evening, the sun was back and the air was crisp.  We built a fire in our little grill and sat under the awning outside the trailer, watching the sun set and the moon rise.....

It was a great time together and we enjoyed our snug little trailer (even though it did begin to really smell of damp doggies!). 

On the way back home, we made a stop in Fredericksburg and I was able to stop in at The Christmas Store and pick up another set of Shiny Bright ornaments for our tree this year.  It has become a tradition to stop and select something new there each time we make our way through the Hill Country.  I have the old-fashioned box of ornaments sitting here in my home office where I can gaze at them and anticipate how they will look on the tree.....I can't believe I'm already getting the itch to decorate for Christmas!!!

We are hoping to get out for one more trip with the trailer before the weather gets too cold.  Exploring all the state parks in our great state is something that will take us time, but we are definitely having a hoot doing it!

For more information on Pedernales Falls State Park, simply click HERE.  

Wishing you many Autumn blessings.....

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  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me! Snuggling with the people and animals you love best!


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