Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thinking Ahead......

Hate to admit it.......

But, I've already been thinking about Christmas!!!

I picked up a couple of my favorite magazines a couple of weeks ago for inspiration.......

And I am truly inspired!

We are enjoying the Autumn decor, sprinkled with plenty of Halloween touches right now.....

 but my thoughts just keep turning towards evergreens and sparkly ornaments and shades of red and green. 


I guess it's not too crazy to be contemplating holiday decor.  It's been at Hobby Lobby and Michael's for weeks now.  And I suppose it's not too early to at least give a little thought to my decorating direction for this year.  

What about you?  Have you toyed with the idea of getting started on your Christmas decorating?  Even just a little bit??? 

Mulling over the options.......


  1. Not yet! I haven't thought of it, even just a little. Lol

    1. I always try to hold out until the Friday after Thanksgiving to get out any decorations. Since I do NOT do black Friday sales, this is usually the perfect time to kick off the decorating. However, I oddly enjoy the anticipation and planning in advance - even though everything works pretty much the same year after year because I stick with what I like!

  2. Christmas started creeping into my head this week :( Just finished decorating Christmas cookies for a party that's being held next week!!! (Too early for me)

  3. I must admit that I've been looking forward to decorating for Christmas too! We actually had our first fire in our fireplace yesterday and it's got me itching to do some winter decor!

  4. Hi Jane - I have to laugh - I just said the same thing on fb - I can't stop thinking about Christmas...


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