BOO!!! This Year's Carving Results....

Under a nearly full moon......they gathered last night.

They shivered in the cool night air.  They cut and scooped and cleaned......carved and perfected their ghoulish creations.......

Then they stood back and admired their spooky handiwork.......

Last night was our annual pumpkin carving session.  Although Ben couldn't make it, Sam, Savanna and Bonnie joined us for big bowls of chili, topped with Fritos, crackers and cheese.  Then they got down to business and created this year's display of pumpkins.  

And I think they did a mighty fine job! 

Happy Halloween!!!


  1. Those look awesome! We are carving tonight! Should have last night, but you know how that goes! Have a wonderful Halloween!

  2. Such fun it looks like your family has together.


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