Day 11 - A Bumbling Start to the Day....

For some unknown reason, I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. 

Not literally, of course.  But, I just felt cranky and short-tempered from the moment my feet hit the floor.  Realizing my mood was not very pleasant, I wisely crawled back into bed after getting the dogs out and fed.  After all, I reasoned, perhaps the problem was that I just needed a little more sleep.  And so I hibernated under the covers until Eddie left for work shortly before 9:00 o'clock. 

However, my mood didn't seem to really be that improved when I attempted getting up again.  I guess the knowledge that today was the day set aside for some housecleaning and laundry didn't help.  I brewed a pot of coffee, drank two cups, spun my wheels for a bit on Facebook......

And procrastinated getting started. 

I even went so far as to make a rather smart-mouth comment on Facebook that I was having a hard time finding "joy" in scrubbing the toilet.....

Finally, at nearly 10:30, I just realized I needed to just get started and get it done.  After a couple of bumbling starts, I had laundry going, linens changed, floors vacuumed, furniture dusted and the house pretty picked up.  And you know what????  I found my "joy" in that accomplishment!!!!

Maybe that's how Life is sometimes.  We dread knowing we've got to do something and we're just not looking forward to it.  We build it up in our minds, make it even more unpleasant than it actually is.  Put it off.  Whine or gripe about it; resent having to do it. 

Any of this sound familiar to you?

Well, now that the day is done and I got some of the necessary stuff out of the way, I am much more relaxed and at peace.  Eddie and I had a nice dinner (take-out from Chicken Express - an adventure all it's own....) and enjoyed a couple of our favorite TV programs together.  While the temperature outside is dropping, the wet stuff is beginning to sound more like frozen stuff....

I am so thankful to be snuggled up here in our warm, cozy and clean home.  

Lord, I am thankful that you had this lesson for me today.  
Sometimes the joy is in the finished job.......and sometimes it is found in the doing of the job.  
When there is a job before me, help me to approach it with an eagerness for discovering which.....

Stay warm and rest well......



  1. I'm glad your day ended on a happier note than what it started on. Sometimes it's all just perspective.


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